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Nichelings change gender upon aging (possible bug)



Long story short, I like assigning potential breeding partners as soon as babies are old enough to have gems. I try to keep very neat family trees without incest or generation crossings...

Anyway, one of the female babies I marked grew and was suddenly male the next time I checked on her. I wrote it off as not paying attention, but then it happened again to another female baby. And then a third time (again, female to male), but in another save file.

Has this happened to anyone else?

I was playing in sandbox mode. Both files have since been deleted (it didn't occur to me to keep them argh!)

Key points:

--female babies suddenly become male
--sandbox mode

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On 6/6/2019 at 6:54 PM, Philo said:

Thanks for reporting @CupCat and thanks for reporting :)
Did you maybe use the console?


I don't know to use the console. Too lazy lol

Thanks for responding!

(This also happened in 1.1.9, btw.)

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Hmm very strange! Thanks for the report :)
Did this happen in story mode or sandbox mode? And did you maybe change some sandbox setting? (and if so which ones?)
If you have a save file where this seems to happen frequently, please post it here!

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