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The Perfect Tribe (Adoptable RP)


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Just now, Brokenshock said:

"No, I wouldn't mind." She said and went to go hunt. She says the same thing everyday. How are you? What are you planning on doing today?

"Ah, thanks! I wish you good luck!"

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Nothing really happened in life, but Perra stayed happy. If their leader lost hope, what would they do? Perra tried to make everyone at least slightly happy. She wish she had enough time to spend with all her children. She wanted to hunt with Jayita, play a game is Israo, bug hunt with Zela, but she couldn't do that all in one day. Hopefully her children understood that, because she's a mother AND a leader. She had to make everyone the happiest she could. Maybe she'd have to talk to Jayita sometime, Perra felt she thought she didn't love her anymore because she never spent time with her...

I hope they understand.

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