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The wolf pack challenge

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Based off the warriors challenge And Lisa the wolf. Cheats required. Sandbox custom settings required too.

2078075226_SOFUCKINGCUTE2.png.153d02f04666b14d536b523b201696c2.pngCredit to morso I DONT CARE IF EVERYONE KNOWS HOW YOU DO ART MORSO


Step 1. Nichelings

Nichelings must be quadrupedal unless you put wings on them, or they have deformed paw. Snouts that are not allowed: Derp snout, Purr snout (sorry, those are for cats, or medic wolves), Bat head, Anteater tongue, Bird beak, Platypus beak, and Cracker jaw (Sorry everyone!). oh and don't forget digging trunk. that snout is ugly. Start with 5 nichelings. Set baby to 2, Child to 7, Teen to 20, and Adult to 100. Elders wont be able to hunt of course, and a wolf becomes a elder at the age of 80.

Step 2: Food storage and creatures

I recommend 1000 nesting and 300 food storage. No defender bears OR rocks OR regrowing grass. Also it gonna be unlock all genes and blind genes mode.

Step 3: finding a perfect island

Make sure to set up your wolves for the starting island of choice. The starting island has to be a hard or killer island.

Step 4: Layout

Leader Den: This is where the breeding pair, or Alphas, sleep. Pups also sleep here. Yes you can only have 1 pair. Put it anywhere.

Medic den (Optional): Yes the medic gets their own den, if you have one. Only the medic can have purr snout. There can only be 1 medic, though the medic can have a apprentice (Someone in training) so when the medic dies that wolf becomes the new medic. Put it near a healing fruit.

Pack meeting area: Preferably a tree stump, The beta, delta, or Alphas set up meetings here, for things like hunting patrols. Trees can be used if one of the wolves who can call a meeting can fly.

Prophecies: Every 10 days, roll for a prophecy. odd: no prophecy, Even: Prophecy. Then roll again. 1-2:good, ( put a good gene in the mutation menu)  3-4: neutral, (Put an okay gene in the mutation) 5-6: bad. (put bad gene in mutation)

Sickness: Every day, roll for sicknes. if you roll 1, a nicheling is sick. Then use a random number generator to 1-how many wolves are in the pack to see who is sick. Then roll for severity. Sickness last for 2-5 days.

1-2: minor, no additional effects

3-4: Moderate, Take 1-5 damage each day.

5-6 Severe, Take 5-10 damage each day.

Pregnancy: Roll to see if it goes good or bad. if you roll 1 something bad happens

Roll for what bad happens:

1: Pup is sickly, Set to double immunity

2: Birth is a stillborn, Pup dies

3-4: The mother dies

5-6: both mother and pup dies.


1. Record your story and put it on a social media like this one

2. make art of your wolves and put them on social media

3.  Put suggestions in the comments for what I should add to this challenge!


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