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Questions About Niche Wildlife

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So some of the wildlife in Niche appears to be a mix between two creatures (Rabbils, Dodomingos, Bearyenas) and so I had a few questions about that. 

1. Why are some creatures mixtures?

2. What are the flamingo aspects of Dodomingos?

3. Are Crabbits, Razoranhas, and/or Bluebirds apart of this group? And if so, of what?

Thanks for taking the time to read and respond!

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1. Pretty much all creatures are mixtures. We wanted to create interesting creatures that combine characteristics and behaviours of two species.
I think it worked out for some of the wild life, but not all of it.

2. The first draft was pink, but we changed it later. I agree that there is not much flamingo left in that design ^^''

3.Crabbits are Crabs and Rabbits (they have small ears, but you can't see them very well.)
Blue Birds are a mixture between a parrot and an eagle. We should probably call them Pagles or something ;)


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