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Gene Suggestion: Prehensile Tongue




With the new wings update releasing sooner rather than later, a lot of tribes are going to consist entirely of airborne Nichelings. But what about food? There is no way to collect berries, a primary source of sustenance among many tribes, other than Nimble Fingers, Running Leg and Velvet Paw, which are all are paw genes: the very slots that need two wings to allow a Nicheling to fly.

So, I've been thinking: What about a much-needed new snout-type - one that gives you Collecting.

My first idea for this would be a snout gene that kind of looks like the Digging Trunk, but gives your Nicheling a long, prehensile tongue, like a giraffe's, or an ant-eater's. It could be used to wrap around a berry and thus plausibly be able to collect it. But that would probably give only one or two berries at a time, not much in the grand scheme of things. So how about a new type of spawn: an anthill! If your Nicheling has the Digging Paw, you can dig up this anthill and get a couple pieces of food from it, effectively destroying it. However, a Nicheling with the prehensile tongue could continually harvest ants from it, giving 1-3 food each time. Maybe there could be termite hills in the Savannah and/or Oasis biomes, too, adding some more variety to the rather boring Burning Savannah. These anthills/termite dens would spawn on the islands in the same way bunnil burrows do, however instead of spawning bunnils, you might see a number of tiny black ant-shaped dots on the outside, which show the number of ants currently outside the hill, thus the ones you can collect from it. These refresh each day, just like berries, but rain might scare the ants deep into their hill, unlike regrowing berries, leaving it bare for a few days.
- The prehensile tongue suggestion could possibly be merged in with healing saliva as well, since giraffes, which this idea is based upon, have an antiseptic saliva which effectively prevents infections of any thorns that do manage to pierce the tough inside of their mouth. Now take that real property a little further, add some properties inducing quickened cell regeneration, and you've got yourself some healing saliva.
However, this might make the prehensile tongue too overpowered, if it could collect, eat ants, and heal, too. Maybe seperating the ant-eater-like tongue and the giraffe-like tongue with healing saliva into two different genes is a better idea. The former might give 1 Collecting, as well as ant-eating, and the latter might give 1-2 Collecting, and the ability to heal your tribemates by licking their wounds.

I cannot wait for the new update, and am excited to see what y'all think of this suggestion!

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