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Gene Suggestion: Hummingbird Beak/Parrot Beak



With the new wings update releasing sooner rather than later, a lot of tribes are going to consist entirely of airborne Nichelings. But what about food? There is no way to collect berries, a primary source of sustenance among many tribes, other than Nimble Fingers, Running Leg and Velvet Paw, which are all are paw genes: the very genes that need to be wings to allow a Nicheling to fly.

So, I've been thinking: What about a much-needed new snout-type - one that gives you Collecting.

This is the second idea of three, all of which have their own thread, like the Feature Requests subforum's rules tell you to do.

The second idea would be a hummingbird beak, which fits a winged Nicheling rather well. It'd give +1-2 Collecting, because your Nicheling can use it to suck/"drink" all of the moisture and nutrients from a berry, just like a real hummingbird drinks nectar, leaving behind only a dried-out husk, thus consuming it. Maybe it could also give +1 Strength? That thing's pointy, dude, and a Nicheling-sized one has got to be pretty dangerous...

An alternate possibility for a collecting beak would be a parrot beak that gives Collecting and possibly Cracking, too, as parrots gobble up fruit and crack nuts alike.

I didn't want to make seperate suggestion threads for these two, as I felt they were too similar to split them up further.

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