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Guest SilverTheNicheling
Just now, AnimalRoundVeggie said:

FireBrave: Hi!

DaisySky: Hello!

FireBrave: Im FireBrave! Who are you?

DaisySky: DaisySky! It's nice to meet!

FireBrave: What should we do? 

DaisySky: What do you think?

FireBrave: We should go explore the grasses!

DaisySky: Is that safe?

FireBrave: Ofcourse!

Ah, the adventurous soul I knew FireBrave would turn out to be! ❤️

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Guest SilverTheNicheling
Just now, AnimalRoundVeggie said:

It's… a boy with the Home/Sun immunity gene! Yay! Now we have someone who can be leader! as adult… Welp we have to have someone take lead until then! 

Also… give names!



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Maroon: ...

Crimson: something wrong?

Maroon: There is something mother told me to tell you… I can't push back telling it anymore...

SilverSun: What is it?

Crimson tells of how sunberry and moonfuit arived… on this Island...

SilverSun: Father… Why did you never tell us this… I guess… you just wanted us to grow up peacefully… And... did Magenta have to live with this knowledge for the entire time?


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SilverSun: This new child! Sunrise. Shall lead the sun court once mature! But until the… We can't do much…

Maroon: How about… a temporary Leader?

SilverSun: Hmm... Not sure if that's within traditions… But it's the only option we have… I shall choose the oldest of the newest generation! MaroonMoon! As temporary leader and teacher for SunRise!

Maroon: Me?

SilverSun: You're the best option... you might not be of eithe court… But you know the traditions well fro your mother...

Maroon: Why not you?

SilverSun: Im too old...

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BearAncient: You'r niece seems to have a child...

WoodFruit: This could make having her come with us... harder...

BearAncient: And I can't reach my child if he is in the hands of them...

WoodFruit: How painful… Should we just return?

Bearancient: Not until we have… What we are looking for...

WoodFruit: Do you Still want power over this tribe?

BearAncient: ...


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SilverSun: Everyone… Im think we should leave the Island tomorow...

Maroon: Why?

Shine: But mom... I like it here!

Crimson: It's so safe here… It would be nice for SunRise to grow in peace...

SilverSun: No... Im not going to survive to the days that happen after tomorow… 

Shine: Mom... No...

SilverSun: I need to see you leave safely...

Maroon: You're… right we have been here long enough… We need to move forward...

SilverSun: I would never survive the travel… through the port… I can't come… Only watch.

Maroon: I... I understand...

Shine: … 

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Well… All I can say is... Some nichelings leave… 3 stay… Not because of port size… But story. WoodBronze and BearAncient don't have a reason to come… As they have a tribe they can return to within the grasses… And SilverSun is too old… She would die just after a day at the new Island...

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WoodFruit: They are leaving...

BearAncient: Well… We can't stop them! Better leave.

WoodFruit: Did we waste our time here… the whole time...

BearAncient: you? Probably… I? No. I found this a little fun! And now my genes are in a quite interesting and royal tribe! And the best part? I don't need to care for them… Well Im heading back to the tribe! Hope to see it have iproved.

WoodFruit: ...


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Guest SilverTheNicheling
2 minutes ago, AnimalRoundVeggie said:

anyone want to talk about the new island?

Curious about the ice blocks and what creatures they could contain in...

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