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Renio's "Homethread" (ugh)


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Just now, AshaAshi said:

LimitedStar007 I think

oh man

do you have Xbox Live?
(I really wanna play Minecraft with someone
the last time I played Minecraft with someone online was like when the person was a total jerk and blew up my hard work
I'm not friends with them anymore)

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Bark's Cove:
Bark, leader of Bark's Cove. Male.

Ren, "deputy" of Bark's Cove. Female.

Ton-To, member of Bark's Cove. Trans female.

Spotiee, member of Bark's Cove. Female.

Gunner, member of Bark's Cove. Male.

Ress, "healer" of Bark's Cove. Male.



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