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Renio's "Homethread" (ugh)


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I can't ever be happy here anymore
my relationships and tearing apart
so is my happiness
and my happiness was the only thing keeping me"okay"
and I have to be "okay" to come here or I'm straight upset
and I can't be upset here


I'm slowly dying

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You don't need to be happy here, all the time, or even sometimes. Even so... meeting people as a means of distraction (from yourself) is indeed unhealthy. There's the issue of the thing in itself. But you know that.

What is actually bad, though, is that something is better than nothing at times, and relying on unsustainable coping mechanisms is the worst possible outcome. You don't have to be perfect. Not for us, not for yourself. But you need to find something you can consistently find comfort in, without the shadow of guilt. Not to stuff some hole, not to stop bleeding for just another day. It's about building a new structure, from the ground. Stop replacing proverbial tiles and get a new wall, or be done with walls and live in a tent.

That's hard as hell.  And unhelpful, as all "find somethings" are. But you really, really need to. You can't find stability outside yourself. Not without finding it in you, and that is one awful process of set-backs and miss-steps no one can fault you for. Because, really, actually, it is all about your happiness. Please never feel bad about that. You can't change it, no one can. That's the eternal curse of being human

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remember how I said a while ago that I'd make a 'fat' Sim? well here she is. her name is Rayne Awesome :) 



look at her cat bracelet!! : D


also all the sims I make don't wear makeup because they're all beautiful without it




and here's a random picture of my Sim's friend...


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I also made your Shar-Pei from what you'd said about them on Prince's Meadow (and put them in Rayne's household :) I can show them if you'd like, but they all look the same except for color... Also, I'll keep you psoted on if Rayne gets married or something (I'm gonna be playing my Sim family, but MC Command Center will carry on the lives of other sims. Better get the Tylers to know the Awesomes! And uh, all of Rayne's dogs are elders, and will unfortunately die soon, so maybe Mason can help her get over it, since his aprents died and then he lived in a little cluttered house with his sister and had like 10 cats and they all died. One of them even died during his sister's birthday party.... (and the party was just the sister, Mason, pregnant Brooklyn, the caterer and after the cat died, the Grim reaper :()

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