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Unzipping Unsuccesful

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i have been trying to unzip the game using WinRAR, but every time i try to do this it  unzips everything perfectly except for right at the end when it tries to unzip Nimbatus.exe. i get an error and i don't know how to solve it.

i don't know if you can do anything about this, but it would be very helpful to at least get some help getting to the bottom of this as Nimbatus seems like a great game


    C:\Users\(File Name Taken out for privacy)\Desktop\Acer\Games\Nimbatus_Windows64.zip: Cannot create C:\Users\(File Name Taken out for privacy)\Desktop\Acer\Games\Nimbatus.exe

!  Access is denied.

error that comes up every time.

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It sounds like you do not have administrator permissions to modify files on your desktop, specifically EXEs, perhaps try running winrar in administrator mode, or extracting the file to a different location?





Hopefully this works!


(Possibly try extracting another compressed file to the desktop as well to check if it's a problem with just Nimbatus or compressed files in general)

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Thank you for the help, but it seems like the way to go around this problem was even simpler.


Whenever i unzip files using WinRAR i always right click on the file and use the "Extract Here" button. Whenever i tried that with Nimbatus i got that error i was talking about.

But then i accidentally misclicked and instead pressed "Extract to Nimbatus_Windows64" which made me a separate folder for Nimbatus and it unzipped perfectly and i was able to run the game.


Still, thanks for the help and if that happens again with any other zipped file, ill know what to do at least.

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