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Pokemon Sword and Shield Theory (My own Idea)


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Now I've thought of a decent theory on the reason on why Zacian holds a sword in its mouth. PS if somebody had already suggested this theory I'm sorry.

So the legendary for sword has been questioned on why it holds the sword in its mouth instead of it being attached somewhere else like its tail. But I think that there's something bigger about it than we think. So it has been suggested that Galar was the region that Kalos had that huge ancient war, have AZ create the ultimate weapon which split and created two universes (latter on that). So what if Zacian and Zamazenta where the king of Galar's signature pokemon? Zamazenta would have originally had the shield around it but Zacian didn't have its sword because it was the kings (we don't know the sizes of these pokemon so we don't know how big the sword is. So it could work). Now the King had unfortunately had passed away (either by Z's weapon or other cause). And because of this his sword could've been taken by Zacian. This could've happened in universe A while what happened to Zacian in universe B is unknown. 

Know here's where the evidence as well as maybe some facts already mentioned:

  • Zacian holds the sword in its mouth
  • They are rare (Royalty usually have rare animals, objects and so forth)
  • The ancient areas shown in the trailers
  • Pokemon Generations EP 18 we see pokemon native to both sides

Now I say universe A this could be the reason and the reason is because of AZ's ultimate weapon. Because when AZ used this weapon it was so powerful that it caused the universe to split and have two universes universe A where history kept on course and universe B where the aura created mega stones. This means of course certain games must be in universe A (gen 1-5) while others are in universe B (gen 6-onwards). However it's stated that mega evolution would not be in the games so this would make sword and shield be in universe A hence this whole theory (also the reason why Zamazenta isn't included is because the shield looks like it's more natural than what we see with normal shields).

This is my first time doing this so if there is anything wrong please point it out it would be much appreciated. Hope this was interesting, Sincerely Biogamer.


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