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Tiny mineral blocking drone

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We absolutely agree. This is a problem a lot of "pixel-perfect landscape destroy games" have. Remember playing Worms and then the Bazooka hits that damn small piece in the air? It's kind of like that.

We're not sure if and how we will solve it in the end but we are aware of the problem and there are several ways to deal with it. Please bear with us until we have a solid and efficient solution.

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Worms... I remember when the first one got released! Now i feel a bit old... :D

As i dont know how to solve it either i can just hope there is a "simple" solution to it.

Maybe the drone can "damage" the landscape with its mass / inertia?

So when the drone hits landscape head on there should be not much difference to how it is now, depending on inertia of the drone there could be a little dent, but a tiny pixel will just be "killed" from the impact of the drone. 

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