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We have nests, skin why not eggs? There should be a option to toggle either nichelings laying eggs or giving birth.

Edit:Nichelings have to incubate the eggs or the eggs will die.

Editd 2: DDoDodDodoDoDodomingies will steal eggzomi

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2 minutes ago, FlowerMask said:

This is a really good idea! Oooh! I have a suggestion for your suggestion, what if a nicheling had to incubate the egg? Like they had to stand on it for a certain amount of days or it would die?

Yeah! Or maybe at least stand by it

There could also be egg-stealers!(I'm getting wayyy too out of hand)

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Guest SilverTheNicheling

This would be great for reptilian and avian Nichelings! Cause.. like.. how the heck would a reptile or bird give birth to live young? I think I’m definitely upvoting this, great suggestion! ^^

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