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[ Beta 0.7.0 ] Random Encounters Guide

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In 0.7.0, A new travel system was introduced, where when traveling between locations, there is a small chance that you encounter something along the way. 

Random encounters occur about 5% of the time (excluding the corp encounter) and offer very little or common loot.


687674069_CorpLogo.PNG.e9c202b09ac7c9dc871e24ef2a16f5f2.PNGCorp Encounters

The corp has caught up (Campaign only)
You are found by a large corp ship. The corp ship will attack you dealing 20% damage to your hull. This encounter is dependent on threat and is calculated separate to other encounters. Threat is a stat visible next to the Nimbatus' bar, It determines the likelihood of this encounter. You gain threat when you: 

  1. Deploying drones +2% (excluding very small drones ~15 parts)
  2. When traveling between planets in the same system +5%
  3.  When traveling between systems +15% for each system in between

The corp ship.

381283649_PirateLogo.PNG.b9f7162d232b090a7a9eb1ccd2c7cc21.PNGPirate Encounters

Pirate Ambush:
A pirate corvette springs from seemingly nowhere and attacks! you must defend your self against a pirate ship that is attacking the Nimbatus. it is armed with blasters, cannons and drone bays. When it gets close to the Nibatus, its front weapons will start firing at the Nimbatus, draining it's shields. When you die, surrender, or the Nimbatus' shields drop to 0% you lose the mission and the pirates steal 200 Tritium (yellow resource). 



The pirate ship is made of two parts, the front plating, (grey bit at the front) and the hull. The plating is separate from the hull and supports 6 blasters on it, destroying the armor destroys all six blasters on the front but does nothing to damage the actual hull of the ship. Cryogenic and plasma damage to the armor spreads to the hull. The Hull is the rest of the ship and destroying it completes the mission. 


The cannons on the ship are the same as the cannons found around corp transmitters, waste planets, lab planets, and fracking asteroid fields. There are two of them located on the back of ship and cannot attack the Nimbatus.


There are 6 Blasters located around the ship 5 of which being able to attack the Nimbatus. They are comparable to the kinetic blasters the player has in all areas accept damage. They fire two shots at once.

  1. 1230687133_PirateBlasterfire.png.db2eaea15b556d11660542b04305ce1a.pngThe blasters firing.


The ship comes equipped with a drone spawner, which spawns about 3 drones every second maxing out a twelve. each one is comparable to the enemies found in the testing world

.piratedronespawner.PNG.5f56581d0534609e0aa869aad4992c88.PNG The drone spawner.


Miscellaneous Encounters

Distress signal:
You pick up on a distress signal. You are given two options: 

  1. Follow it 
  2. Ignore it

Follow it
If you choose to follow it, it will lead to one of three encounters:

  1. The Pirate ambush encounter 
  2. A scrap field containing 50-90 tritium
  3. A shop using the distress signal as a marketing ploy.

Ignore it
You continue to your destination. 


And that's it. If I got anything wrong, feel free to correct me in the comments.



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Other random encounters I've had:

  • Wormhole Encounter - Every time I use a wormhole.  It literally says it isn't finished yet, and gives you some sort of weapon with lots of upgrades.  I suspect this will become an end of level boss.
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Noticed another one today:

  • Pirate Ransom - A space pirate threatens to rat you out to the Corp unless you pay.  If you say no, your threat percentage may skyrocket.  Sometimes they're just bluffing and nothing happens.
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Outcome #4 of distress signal:  It's a derelict ship with a transmitter, set by the corp to draw you in.  You gain more threat.

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