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I'm not new buuuuuut...


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Hi. People call me Raana, so I guess you can call me that too. Or Pepper (usually that's my online name). I'm not new...been here a few months...but people were doing this soooooo...

I like Warrior Cats

and books

and art

and foxes

and animals in general

and stuffed animals

and Niche.

Oh, hot chocolate's good too.

My favorite show is Gravity Falls, my favorite book is Anne of Green Gables, my favorite video games are Cattails, Slime Rancher, and Niche. Yea. I'm gonna stop talking now.


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Just now, Aye-Aye Captain! said:

Why did you mention me in a topic, then immediately delete the topic?

Oh uhhh


Reasons...(I just was like "I wanna talk to someone" and a few seconds later I was like "Ummm, how 'bout...no...")

Gonna go now...

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Guest SilverTheNicheling
20 hours ago, RaanaTheBanana said:

Oh, uh hi. Hi. Just saw this now...srry

It’s cool! Feelin happy? :)

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Guest SilverTheNicheling
3 hours ago, RaanaTheBanana said:

Ya, can't complain. Thank you for asking 🙂. How 'bout yourself?

Good! I didn’t get any good sleep last night.. but at least I’ll try to do better today.. it’s just a habit of mine that I can’t control sometimes.. staying up.. drawing art.. I drew this last night! ^^92664E9F-99AB-43A9-A07D-57DFEB1377A3.thumb.png.006d2553b9c3ec58d727bdaa59eceed2.png

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21 hours ago, pepper_ said:

haha! wow! i was somehow more socially awkward then than i am now!

i didnt even know that was possible

*slams head repedelty against the wall*

well that's a good thing it means you've gotten better

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