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Seers of the sea not unlocking



I made a story mode save and traveled all the way to home island. after that, I focused on unlocking all the genes. after that, i made my species (purposely) go extinct and restarted the blood line, using this save to unlock the last of the achievements.I got the perfect Doeli, several, actually. but nothing unlocked. I kept breeding and breeding, but nothing happened. I ended up moving on and now im working on the Emmauniverse achievement, but i still wanna go back and unlock that. 

EDIT: Emmauniverse achievement also does not unlock

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15 hours ago, magnillie said:

Were you connected to the internet?

i was connected

23 hours ago, I am hosting a unknown map said:

Did you name your Doeli clones Doeli?

i named every nicheling that was set with the "doeli" genes, doeli (even males)

23 hours ago, totally melon yogurt cat said:

I think you have to name it specially- probably Doeli.

i did name them all doeli

23 hours ago, I am hosting a unknown map said:

*Lookin back at the Seers of the sea thing*

White fur

Red horn color


Nimble Fingers

Webbed Hind legs

Fishing tail

Name it Doeli

most of my tribe had all of these genes

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