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A Havoc Filled Playthrough

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Welcome to my play through of Honestly a Very Hard Challenge, originally created by the wonderful Skysalsa8. I’ve already done 25 days, so I’ll post all of that here. Also, rip format, I’m on mobile.

Day 0:

We start out with a lovely female named Kosi, who looks like a good starter even if we can’t see her genes. Her nimble fingers were certainly be helpful for gathering food, especially once defender bears shower up

A berry bush and a crabbit have been spotted, but the crabbit shouldn’t be any trouble.

Day 1:

We’ve reached the berry bush, and have also discovered a stagmole and a rabbit, but we’ll leave them alone for now.

Oh, and I almost forgot, there is also a tree right next to us, so that’ll be a good food source as well.

Day 2:

Nothing new has occurred, Kosi just spent the day picking berries.

Day 3:

We’ve picked all of the berries for now, so we’ll be moving onto nuts for a while. Have to keep an eye out for that rabbit though

Day 4:

Picked up a nut and moved. No new creatures unfortunately.

Day 5:

It rained today, so Kosi is gonna get more berries before the rabbit snags them.

I almost missed him, but a wander has been spotted! Actually, smelled, but close enough. Let’s hope it’s a male so poor Kosi doesn’t have to mate with a rogue.

Day 6:

Since Kosi has plenty of food for now, she’s decided to chase after the wander, as he’s, well, wandering off. Unfortunately, we haven’t gotten close enough to see him yet, but he’s very close.

Day 7:

They keep running away, which is annoying, so Kosi decided to stop and grab a nut in the hopes that he’ll come back.

Nope, he’s still fleeing. We’ll continue the chase tomorrow.

Day 8:

It appears that he’s grown up now, so hopefully once Kosi is grown, she’ll have a mate. That is, if we can catch this guy.

At last, we’ve been able to see this allusive wanderer! He is a male, named Vannaduk. We’ll have to grab him tomorrow, since we’re out of turns, unfortunately, it appears he poor boy is blind, which might not make him the best mate. Explains his odd movements though. And no, he is not fully grown. In fact, it appears he just grew up from child age, which explains why he looked bigger. Perhaps he had big body?

Day 9:

Our lovely lady Kosi has grown up, and she is most definitely big bodied.

We invite Vannoduk into the tribe, finally gaining us our second member. He is blind and has a deformed paw, but that digger’s paw should prove to be useful.

And suddenly, and peaceful bear! Along with several berry bushes. We gave him some best stuff, so for a while, he should be pretty safe. I think we’ll stick around here for a while, since we have several berry bushes, thought the one Vannaduk is a poison one, so we can’t pick from it.

Day 10:

Kosi spends the day picking berries while Vannaduk clears away some grass since he can’t move far away from Kosi, unless he wants to go back to stumbling around the island.

Day 11:

Kosi finished off this bush, and decided to head back to the tree, where they can be guaranteed food, even in the Peaceful Bear doesn’t follow them.

Day 12:

Returning to the tree, Kosi begins cracking some more nuts and clearing away grass while Vannaduk begins digging up roots.

Day 13:

Vannaduk keeps sniffing out roots and Kosi cracking nuts, but both are clearing the grass around the tree, starting to make way for this being their camp.

Day 14:

Life continues on as normal. Surprised there are no rogue males yet, though I probably just jinxed myself.

Day 15:

Still nothing. Hopefully a new wanderer appears soon, though this is good bonding time for Kosi and Vannaduk.

Day 16:

Rain came today. Guess it’s a nice change of scenery. But a dodomingo has been sensed, so perhaps it’ll lead us to a nest.

Not seeing one yet though.

Day 17:

Vannaduk has grown up, and we can also confirm that he has big body. I’ve decided to breed him with Kosi, as there’s been no sign for as much as a rogue male. I am worried about that blindness though.

The dodomingo is sitting on a bunny burrow now, so I don’t think it’ll been any help. Kosi builds a nest in preparation for her upcoming child, even though she has six days till we meet the kid.

Day 18:

At last, another wanderer! We would be able to see the kid if Vannaduk wasn’t blind, but oh well, Kosi will have to chase after her then.

His name is Bronze, and he’s a handsome little thing. He’ll make a much better mate for Kosi, since he’s not blind and doesn’t have any no paws. He’s still a teen though, so we’ll have to wait for now. Thankfully, Kosi will have had her kid by the time he’s grown. For now, let’s invite him in to the tribe.

He’ll definitely be helpful since he can crack nuts and pick berries just like Kosi, and will increase Vannaduk’s ability to move.

Day 19:

A mostly normal day. Thanks to Bronze, Vannaduk was able to dig up some more roots while Kosi cracked nuts and picked berries.

Day 20:

A healing plant has been smelled from across the river, though in this challenge, I don’t think it’ll do us any good.

Bronze, blessed child that he is, just found a permanent nest, which is good news, since a dodomingo just took over the one Kosi built. I might name Bronze the god of good fortune if this keeps up, which would make him my first god.

Day 21:

Nothing of real not happened today.

Day 22:

Rain comes, which is good, since our berry bush was getting dry. Perhaps some unknown god is looking out for our little group.

Tomorrow, we’ll set Kosi up on a nest, and she’ll give birth to our first second generation nicheling. Also, a crabbit appears to want to fight Bronze for unknown reasons.

Day 23:

As if knowing that a child is coming, a bluebird appears right above the permanent nest. Ominous.

Suddenly, as Kosi makes her way towards the nest, she spots a young wanderer dart away into the darkness. All I could see was that she was black and had derp snout. If only Vannaduk could see, then we could invite her into the tribe.

Another surprise of the day, as Vannaduk clears away some grass, he discovers a stump. Perhaps he can call that wander back.

Day 23:

Kosi’s and Vannaduk’s child was born, but as soon as it became day, she died to sickness. From what I saw, she was yellow and blind like her father, but had her mother’s face. Kosi and Vannaduk are heartbroken by the loss of their child. They must share an immunity gene, which is unfortunate. Hopefully Kosi and Bronze will have better luck. Perhaps that little black wanderer brought such bad luck.

Vannaduk lets out a mournful cry from the stump, but the wanderer only sits there, still. What could she be up to…

Day 24:

Bronze is now fully grown, and mates with a still grieving Kosi. However, she is comforted by Bronze, which makes Vannaduk somewhat jealous.

Vannaduk stands right next to the wanderer, but since he’s blind, her identity remains hidden. For now…

Day 25:

Seeking answers from the nicheling that may or may not have caused the death of her child, Kosi chases after the recently fully grown wanderer, but she does not flee. Instead, she stares down into the river below, appearing to watch a clownkoi.

A somewhat nervous Kosi and Vannaduk invite her into the tribe. Her name is Milasi, and she’s quite the strange creature. She has a velvet paw, what explains why she was so sneaky. We’ll see what this stranger brings tomorrow, for better, or for worse...

(Side-note: I had a lot more pictures, but they wouldn’t fit, so these ones will just have to do.)





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Guest SilverTheNicheling

Ooh my gosh I love it! I hope you get to continue this soon! ^w^

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Guest SilverTheNicheling
1 minute ago, Violet Celestial said:

I definitely will tomorrow, but I have to go to bed for now.

Good idea, goodnight! ^w^

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This post will be a bit shorter, but I will be playing more today. Just wanted to leave things on a high note ;) Also, I miss-numbered a day yesterday, so sorry for that.

Day 27:

A somewhat wary Vannaduk is guided by Milasi towards some more roots, and she discovers another permanent nest, which explains what that dodomingo was doing up here. It’s next to a berry bush, but it’s a poison berry one, so we can’t pick from it.

Meanwhile, Bronze and Kosi spend the day picking nuts together, and grow closer in the process.

Day 28:

A bunny stands right in front of Bronze, taunting him, so he attacks it, but isn’t strong enough to kill it. Kosi would chase after it, but she can’t keep up with that pregnant belly of hers.

Milasi heads farther and farther from camp, and poor Vannaduk can only follow her. A dodomingo is also following the group, which is strange, since there’s a nest right next to it.

Day 29:

Vannaduk wants to head home, and Milasi, quiet as ever, guides him back.

Bronze and Kosi continue to gather food.

Day 30:

Suddenly, a Bearyena appears out of the darkness near our two lovebirds. Kosi, our strongest creature, attacks it some before fleeing, not wanting to risk her and her baby. Bronze quickly gathers some more nuts before following after her.

Vannaduk and Milasi arrive home only to hear about the appearance of a Bearyena, much to Vannaduk’s terror. As per usual though, Milasi is eerily calm about it.

Day 31:

The bearyena continues its hunt, seemingly after Kosi and her probably delicious looking pregnant belly.

She attacks it again, and with some surprise help from Milasi, they defeat the beast, which allows Kosi to get onto a nest in time for her birth.

Bronze, antsy about the birth of his kid, rushes to the tree to get a snack for his mate, and getting a few words out of Milasi as well.

Vannaduk smells a root he can’t reach, some mysterious meat in the other nest, and most exciting of all, a young wanderer nearby! She looks very strange with her fishing tail and stinky tongue. He calls out to her from his stump, but she seems too busy picking berries to notice his calls.

Day 32:

At last, our first child is born, and with her, she brings a rain, which is certainly a good sign. Her name is Diamond, and while she isn’t as good as fighting like her mom or gathering like both of her parents, she is a very nimble little thing, though we won’t see that in action till she grows some.

Bronze haphazardly gathers up some berries for his mate and child before rushing over to meet the little sweetheart.

A somewhat amused Milasi watched from a distance as she attempts to crack open a nut. And a somewhat bitter Vannaduk once again watches from his stump, continuing to call to the wanderer, who looks busy trying to gather all of those fresh berries.

The blue bird, apparently tired of waiting so long, has disappeared, so Kosi carefully steps off of the nest to mate with Bronze again. This is a happy day for our currently nameless little tribe.




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Guest SilverTheNicheling

Awwe! Diamond! I love her! ❤️

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1 minute ago, SilverTheNicheling said:

Awwe! Diamond! I love her! ❤️

Thank you, I love her as well! It's exciting to have our first birth, and things are looking up for our tribe, knock on wood.

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This time, we leave off on a dramatic note ;) Also, the pic was taken the next day, since it didn’t work the first time, but let’s say it did for the story’s sake.

Day 33:

Milasi spends the day gathering berries and trying to crack open nuts, not wanting to scare the child with her presence. Speaking of little Diamond, she makes her first wobbly step out of the nest, much to her parents delight.

Kosi, a very nervous first time mom, quickly rushes to clear away some grass before rushing back to her child. Bronze, who also adores his baby girl, is curious about the wanderer Vannaduk has been yelling to, and goes to investigate. Maybe if he finds her, Vannaduk will stop yelling.

Bronze meets the nicheling, named Amethyst despite her bright yellow fur. We’ll have to invite her in tomorrow, since everyone is out of turns.

Day 34:

Amethyst is invited into the tribe, who appears to be very skilled with her double nimble fingers, sticky tongue, and fishing tail. She could make a good mate for Bronze, as I imagine he and Kosi are open to having multiple mates. However, Vannaduk seems to be very interested in the girl…

Bronze takes over watching Diamond so Kosi can go help Milasi gather nuts and berries. While doing this, Milasi admits to having somewhat of a crush on Vannaduk, but makes Kosi swear not to tell anyone. Guess we’re gonna have a love triangle now.

Day 35:

Amethyst, is seemingly unbothered by Vannaduk hovering over her shoulder, or perhaps she hasn’t noticed him yet. She goes to investigate some new territory, Vannaduk following shortly behind her.

Kosi is amused by Milasi’s crush, much to her embarrassment and annoyance.

Diamond stumbles around some more, and gets bored quite quickly, so Bronze sings some for her from the stump, which she seems to enjoy.

Day 36:

Suddenly, another Bearyena by the tree, along with a cub this time! Milasi rushes away to alert the others, while Kosi attacks it before fleeing herself.

Amethyst and Vannaduk hear everyone’s cries, and hurry back to the group.

Bronze, panicked, rushes over to his mate, leaving Amethyst to watch over Diamond, who doesn’t seem to understand what’s happening, but is frightened nonetheless.

Day 37:

The Bearyena charges to group, its cub following close behind her. Bugs have swarmed around the beast, so perhaps that will help slow it down. Kosi and Bronze attack it, killing it. Amethyst catches the bugs before they can infect anyone.

Milasi offers the Bearyena cub some of the berries she had been collecting, somehow knowing that this will make him trust the group. Even though she’s opened up some, she is still mysterious…

Milasi goes back to keep an eye on Diamond, and maybe snag a few glances at Vannaduk. The young nicheling heard about the Bearyena cub from her, and is very curious about him.

Vannaduk comes down from his stump next to Milasi, and spurred on by Milasi’s crush, Amethyst ignoring him, the original rejection from Kosi after their child died, and the adrenaline from the Bearyena attack, Vannaduk and Milasi mate.




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"help me"

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Guest SilverTheNicheling

Loving it so far! Keep up the good work! :)

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This is quite the exciting entry! I’m not gonna spoil anything expect for the fact that someone dies, so get ready.

Day 38:

Kosi heads towards the nest to give birth, when she sees that Milasi is pregnant as well. She asks what happens, but before Milasi can answer, Vannaduk interrupts, saying that there was a rogue male that neither of them could fend off. Milasi wonders why Vannaduk lied, but decides not to say anything. Young Diamond is to young to really understand what happened, so she says nothing, and begins to head towards the Friendly Bearyena, curious about him.

Amethyst eats up some more bugs, and Vannaduk gathers some more roots while doing his best to try and catch her eye.

Bronze is wary off the Bearyena, but mostly trusts Milasi, so he gets closer so he can pick berries and crack nuts, as the young Bearyena watches him. Milasi joins him, as it’ll be awhile before she’s ready to give birth.

Day 39:

Kosi gives birth to an adorable pink and brown little girl named Relenis. She has nimble fingers like her parents do, so she’ll definitely be a gatherer. What a little sweetheart. Amethyst is also fully grown now, and Diamond has become a teen!

Diamond, now no longer needing someone to always watch her, rushes over to meet the Bearyena, trying to impress him by attempting to crack open a nut.

Vannaduk approaches Amethyst with the roots he’s gathered, trying to win her heart. She’s impressed by the roots, as it’s one of the few things she’s never been able to gather, and Vannaduk did it blind. So, they mate, much to Milasi’s horror.

Milasi darts away into the grass, heartbroken. A confused Amethyst wants to follow her, but Vannaduk tells her not to, so somewhat reluctantly, she goes to watch over Relenis so Kosi and Bronze can mate again.

Day 40:

Milasi takes out her anger on a bunny that ran right into her, killing it.

The Bearyena darts off into the tidepool, and Diamond follows, but is told to stay on shore by her parents. 

Kosi gets back to the nest just in time to see her baby take her first steps.

Amethyst guides Vannaduk towards a root, the two laughing and chatting the entire time.

Day 41:

The Bearyena smells a bunny in the distance, and he and Diamond began to run towards it. As the two friends play together, they find Milasi, whos calmed down now, and the bones of an unknown nicheling. How ominous…

Bronze gathers more food, and he’s joined by Milasi, who says nothing, and he doesn’t pry.

Like Bronze did for Diamond, Kosi sings for Relenis, who also enjoys it, though she’s much less vocal about it.

Vannaduk and Amethyst explore some more.

Day 42:

Milasi counties picking berries and also shakes the tree so Bronze can pick up the nuts. Diamond and the Bearyena, who has named himself Bones, who has grown up now, continue to play happily.

Amethyst and Vannaduk continue on as normal while Kosi gathers some roots that Relenis was curious about, and sings for her daughter some more.

Day 43:

Bones runs off towards something, Diamond on his heels. Along the way, Diamond finds a permanent nest. She must have gotten some of her father’s luck.

Milasi, ready to give birth, heads gloomily towards the nest, causing Bronze to be concerned and wanting to ask what’s wrong. Kosi does her best to give Milasi advice about birth and comfort while keeping an eye on Relenis. She even gives Milasi some roots, which she somehow was able to dig up.

Suddenly, Vannaduk and Amethyst come across and wanderer who they invite into the tribe. He’s quite the skilled digger, and he shows them a berry bush that he can’t pick from. His name is Lurdukno.

Day 44:

Milasi’s child is born, a pale gold boy named Rose Gold. Thankfully, he isn’t blind, but his gold fur and stinky tail give Kosi some suspicions about who the father really is. If he has big body, I think the tribe will definitely realize who the real father is. Speaking of Kosi, she’s ready to pop, so she builds a nest on the stump so Amethyst can use to other permanent one. A worried Vannaduk is lead back to the main camp by Lurdukno.

Relenis is curious about the newly arrived Lurdukno and she goes to talk to him some.

Milasi loves her new son, and despite his father’s betrayal, she promises to be the best mother she can to him. 

Diamond, oblivious to all of this drama, continues to explore with Bones, and they begin to feel more the friendship towards each other.

Day 45:

The two new births bring rain, but also danger, as another Bearyena and her cub appear. Bones approaches to attack, telling Diamond to stay back. Bronze flees, extremely worried for his eldest daughter. A terrified Diamond stays behind Bones.

Bronze brings back the news, which sends Kosi into hysterics about Diamond, though she is calmed slightly when she is reminded that Bones will protect them.

Amethyst and Vannaduk fawn relentlessly over their son, who they named… Bronze. Huh. Perhaps this boy will be as lucky as the first Bronze. Maybe Bronze, the god of good fortune, isn’t just one creature, but a spirit that goes by that name and takes whatever form it likes, and sometimes multiple at once. It might cause some suspicion towards Amethyst and Bronze one, but Vannaduk knows it’s his kid, and reassured everyone.

Lurdukno is a bit overwhelmed by all of this, and slinks back a bit, but is reassured by Relenis, who is quite wise for her age.

Rose gold goes to investigate Kosi’s and Bronze’s newest daughter along with his mother. Her name is Siana, and she’ll be an even better collector than Relenis with her double nimble fingers.

Day 46:

The Bearyena and cub run into camp, Bones hot on their heels, and Diamond running after him.

Everyone panics trying to get the children to safety and protect them. Relenis, whos just grown her second gem, hops out of the way so Siana can get up the cliff to safety. Rose gold follows after, but doesn’t have the energy to make it up the cliff. Kosi, Bronze, and Milasi attack the monster, but can’t kill it. Thankfully, Lurdukno arrives just in time to slay the beast, probably saving several lives in the process. Relenis heads back down to check out the cub, leaving Amethyst and Vannaduk to watch all of the babies. However, Vannaduk doesn’t want to get close to Rose gold.

Day 47:

The storm ends, and seeing the danger is gone, Bones and Diamond go back to exploring and bunny hunting. Relenis helps Lurdukno gather the meat while Milasi tames the cub, though she named this one Storm.

Bronze returns to the tree with Kosi to gather food and look for Diamond, leaving Amethyst and Vannaduk to watch all of the babies. The two mates again. Rose gold tries to sing, but isn’t good at it, but this makes Siana and Bronze laugh, which is good enough for him.

Day 48:

An unknown nicheling dies in the swamp, their bones floating in the water.

Vannaduk digs up some roots of the kids, even Rose gold, which makes him uncomfortable.

Diamond is full grown, so, at last, she and Bones mate and she’s pregnant with her love’s child. 

Kosi and Bronze gather some more with help from Milasi. The kids play some more while Amethyst keeps an eye on the blue bird, which has returned. Amethyst calls out to the bird to keep away.  

Relenis and Lurdukno are talking when he’s bitten by a leech! Thankfully, Relenis removes it, and Lurdukno moves away from the water.

Day 49:

Unfortunately, Lurdukno perished due to bleeding from the leech, but I’m gonna say it was wounds from the Bearyena battle he hid. Gonna make him the god of bravery because I love him. Relenis is heartbroken, and is determined to never let something like this to happen again.

Bones is trying to explore with Diamond, but a peaceful bear blocks their way, not trusting Bones. Diamond gives him some nesting material to make him trust them however. 

More gathering occurs from the usual group, teaching Storm these important skills.

Amethyst is enjoying watching the kids, but Vannaduk feels uncomfortable around Rose gold.

Day 50:

Diamond and Bones live on as normal, and Storm begins to approach them.

Relenis continues to grieve while she gloomily helps gather with her parents.

Since Amethyst can watch all of the kids, especially Rose gold, Vannaduk goes to look for more roots, which confuses Amethyst somewhat.






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Guest SilverTheNicheling

Great storytelling so far man!! I really thought I would hate Vannaduk though because of how he cheated on Milasi.. but good job writing the whole thing though. ^^

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2 minutes ago, SilverTheNicheling said:

Great storytelling so far man!! I really thought I would hate Vannaduk though because of how he cheated on Milasi.. but good job writing the whole thing though. ^^

Thanks man! Vannaduk kinda just... ended up that why because I was thinking about it why I was getting some water lol. It's kinda gray on if what he did was bad, since it was a whole spur of the moment thing between them, and he really does love Amethyst, but him lying about what happened and being weird around Rose Gold makes it a more dark gray. Most of this story is developing as I take breaks while playing the game honestly, so it really is up to fate and my weird mind lol. Guess you could say it's been causing a lot of... havoc ;)

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Guest SilverTheNicheling
3 minutes ago, Violet Celestial said:

Thanks man! Vannaduk kinda just... ended up that why because I was thinking about it why I was getting some water lol. It's kinda gray on if what he did was bad, since it was a whole spur of the moment thing between them, and he really does love Amethyst, but him lying about what happened and being weird around Rose Gold makes it a more dark gray. Most of this story is developing as I take breaks while playing the game honestly, so it really is up to fate and my weird mind lol. Guess you could say it's been causing a lot of... havoc ;)

Oh.. my god, I LOVE IT! You’ve come up with great ideas for your story then! Usually I just go with the flow for my playthroughs, sometimes thinking what I’ll do next when playing! ^^

(also I did a laugh reaction because I thought your pun was funny xD)

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One last short one to end the night! Also, I have a question: Who has been your favorite character so far? This is kind of an unfair question for Rememe and Lala though, so I’ll probably ask again in the future.

Day 51:

Rose gold becomes a teen, so he can watch over his friend now. We’ll talk about them more later.

Bones and Diamond get a bit closer to Storm, but they remain hidden in the grass for now. Diamond finds a berry bush, which she picks from.

Amethyst and Vannaduk, freed from baby watching, begin to explore the swamp some. 

Kosi heads over to the nest in preparation to give birth to her next child. Meanwhile, Relenis sadly helps Bronze and Milasi gather more.

Day 52:

Storm runs away from the lovers to go check out the ocean, probably scared off by the intimidating Bones. Diamond gathers more berries for her, her mate, and their upcoming child.

Vannaduk realizes Diamond and Bones are nearby, but decides not to bother them. Amethyst moves to the nest to give birth, and tries to destroy a toxic berry bush. Kosi gives birth to another girl named Rememe, who looks very similar to Siana, but only has one nimble finger. Bronze rushes back to see his fourth child and mate with Kosi again.

Relenis, who has perked up a bit since Lurdukno’s bones have rejoined the soil, and Milasi continue to gather. Milasi goes to check on Storm, who is sitting in the shallow water, staring out at the ocean. The two, in a sudden moment of connection, mate.

Now, let’s talk about the kids, who are now all teens. First, Bronze 2. He’s a very strange creature, with a digging claw, nimble fingers, stinky tail, and most surprising of all, heat body, which I presume he got from Amethyst. He’s the distinct bright yellow like his parents, which make his pure black eyes stand out. I imagine he tries to act all brave and stuff, and he kinda is, by really he’s just a nervous little goofball.

Next, Siana. She looks kinda like a mushroom with her spots and bright red fur. She’s destined to gather with her two nimble fingers, but out of the three, she’s the most adventurous and bold, always jumping straight into the darkness.

And last, but certainly not least, Rose Gold. The first spur of the moment child of Milasi, the father being Vannaduk, though nobody really knows that yet. He’s the most level headed of the group, holding Siana back and calming down Bronze. All and all, these three are the bestest of friends.

Day 53:

Lala is born to Amethyst and Vannaduk, and thankfully, she isn’t blind. Amethyst gets out of the nest so she and Vannaduk can breed again. Amethyst is also able to destroy to poison berry bush.

Bones remains were he is, so Diamond decides to clean up the area a little more so she can have her baby.

Milasi and Storm return to the tree together, with Milasi now pregnant. Relenis obviously notices but doesn’t comment on it and just continues to gather. Bronze comes back and also noticed this, but after exchanging a glance with his daughter, also keeps quiet.

Kosi attempts to dig up a root for her daughter, but to no avail.

The dynamic trio continue their exploring, heading father away from the main group, though Amethyst is watching them from a distance.



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Guest SilverTheNicheling

Great work! I think my favorite has to be Lurdukno, also can I give you a tip? May I ask if you put a 2 next to the other Bronze please so he can distinguish himself from the original? Thanks! :3

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8 minutes ago, SilverTheNicheling said:

Great work! I think my favorite has to be Lurdukno, also can I give you a tip? May I ask if you put a 2 next to the other Bronze please so he can distinguish himself from the original? Thanks! :3

Thank you! I really loved him as well, and I’m sad he died so soon. And thanks for the tip! I’ll add that in game and in my posts starting tomorrow! 

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I like Bones (and Diamond) :)

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Guest SilverTheNicheling
1 minute ago, Skysalsa8 said:

I like Bones (and Diamond) :)

I do too! I’m always willing to ship whoever with a bearyena! xD

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8 minutes ago, Skysalsa8 said:

I like Bones (and Diamond) :)

Yeah, I think they might be my favorite couple so far! We should be seeing their first baby soon, that is, if me Niche finally decides I wants to run.

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Oh boy, we had a close call this time, but thankfully, no one died.

Day 54:

Diamond gives birth to her and Bones’ son, named Cloud. You can definitely see his father in him with his dark fur and Bearyena claw, which makes him our strongest creature. The peaceful bear has also shown up, presumably to protect him while Diamond and Bones mate again. Speaking of Bones, he seems to be talking to Storm, perhaps giving him some advice, since he will pass away soon since Bearyena lifespans are a lot shorter than Nicheling’s.

Relenis, tired of gathering, spots a bunny, and attacks it, but it doesn’t die. Bronze is silently proud of his daughter. He gathers with Milasi, who, trusting Bronze, tells him about her and Storm. She doesn’t really love Storm, and Storm doesn’t really love her, they were just brought together during a moment where they felt connected due to their sad lives, and Bronze understands this.

Kosi decides to head up towards the cliff with Rememe so her youngest can meet Lala. Speaking of Lala, she takes her first step out of the nest next to her mother Amethyst, who is guiding Vannaduk.

The trio is guided to a shriveled berry bush by the apparently also lucky Bronze II. Rose Gold picks from the bush, and the gang moves farther and farther from the safety of the main camp.

Day 55:

It rains, replenishing the berry bushes. And Kosi almost misses him, but a Bearyena appears in the swamp! Bones is about to die, and I’m not sure if Storm is stormy enough to take him on, bring a bit more gentle and civilized than Bones.

Kosi shoves the baby away, prepared to defend her child. Bronze and Milasi have to flee the tree towards Relenis, Diamond, and the Bearyenas. Relenis, who has begun another relationship with Storm, is startled by the appearance of her father and Milasi. When hearing about the new Bearyena, she begs Storm to help, but he doesn’t know if he can catch up with the creature, but he’ll try.

Vannaduk, scenting the danger, flees back to his mate and daughter, alerting them of the danger. Amethyst rushes over to the trio to tell them about the danger, and Rose Gold and Siana are terrified for their parents, though Bronze II does his best to try and calm them down.

Cloud is curious about the new Bearyena, as he trusts it due to being raised by Bones. Diamond has to teach her son the difference between good Bearyenaa and bad Bearyenas while moving him away.

Day 56:

Diamond and Cloud spend the night with Bones before he tragically passes away in the morning.  Storm gives chase to the monster, but can’t keep up with it. It climbs up the cliff, right next to Rememe and Lala. The terrified children try to run, but don’t have the energy, so their parents must defend them, even if it kills them. Thankfully, their able to kill it, and gather up the meat. I was worried that there wouldn’t be enough damage on it for it to die, but it was just enough.

Everyone lets out a huge sigh of relief, especially Relenis, who was terrified someone would die the same way Lurdukno did. 

Everyone spends the day settling back down from all of the excitement.

Day 57:

The Bearyena meat is gathered up, and life goes back to normal, though everyone is on edge. Kosi gets on the nest to prepare to give birth while Rememe watches Storm. Bronze and Milasi go back to gathering, though Milasis has to leave when she realizes it’s time to give birth. Vannaduk awkwardly moves away from the nest. Amethyst hovers over the trio, much to their annoyance.

Diamond shows Cloud how to gather berries while Relenis looks worriedly for Storm, not sure what happened to him and fearing the worst. Thankfully, she finds him and he’s alright, so, Relenis confessed her feelings for him, and while Storm is somewhat surprised, especially after what happened with Milasi, he admits that he loves her as well, and they mate.

Day 58:

Milasi gives birth to a little boy named Tanaduk, who’s are strongest creature yet, but has little frog legs, so he won’t be able to move around much. It’s obvious who the father is this time, especially since everyone knows that Bones would have never mated with anyone except Diamond. Kosi also gives birth to a little girl named Siel, who’s an adorable pink color, similar to her older sister. Kosi and Bronze breed again for the last time, since Kosi only has six days left!

Diamond and Cloud continue to spend time together while Diamond waits for Bones’ last child to be born. Relenis and Storm decide to move to where Kosi first arrived to start their family.

Lala tried to wanderer off, which distracts her parents enough to the trio can go back out and explore again. Amethyst also has to build another nest since both of the close ones are currently occupied.

Day 59:

Bronze gathers up all of the berries before the rabbits can get them while Storm hunts rabbits and Relenis gathers the meat.

Amethyst gives birth to another boy named Uranus, who, despite having a no paw, is loved fully by his parents. Tanaduk and Siel also take their first steps out of the nest.

Diamond keeps training an ever curious Cloud who can’t wait to grow his second gem and see the world. Diamond also preps for having her second baby. 

Meanwhile, Rememe, who has grown her second gem and is tired of being babied, wants to see what’s across the river. The trio continue their grand adventure into the great unknown, hoping that they’ll find something actually interesting soon. But by doing this, they leave the sight of the adults.

Day 60:

More rain comes and Bones’ last child is born, a ferocious little girl named Luna, but instead of bringing another Bearyena, the weather brings a new wanderer from the swamp. Milasi invites her into the tribe, and discovers that her name is Jewel.

Relenis gets a leech, but thankfully her father, Bronze, gets it off and stop the bleeding before she has the same fate as her lost love Lurdukno, and Relenis decides to keep away from the shore.

Jewel wanders off, and quickly runs into Diamond and her children, who she seems intrigued by, and she digs up some roots for them.

Now that Amethyst and Vannaduk are distracted by Uransus, Lala decides to finally meet Rememe, and is intrigued by her idea to go across the river. She calls out across the river, but gets no reply. Even though Rememe wants to leave right now, Kosi insists she waits till she’s an adult, much to her daughter’s annoyance.

Rose Gold has grown his final gem, much to the gang’s excitement, since that means that they technically have an adult with them. Lucky Bronze II also finds a nest, and seeing this as the perfect moment, Rose Gold convinces him to confess his feelings to Siana with a gift of berries. And much to Bronze II’s relief, she accepts, glad he finally came out and said what both of them were thinking.







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