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New Genes 075: Secretary Birds (Add range to attacks as well as relation to snake requests)



Now I talk about how I love so many animals and the secretary birds are part of those favourites, being a beautiful bird, a fierce hunter and of course have me make another idea to attempt to slap into the games. It's obvious that people would love more lifeforms to be added into the games, wether it's a predator, prey, parasite or something new and a common one is snakes. And if snakes were added what better set of genes to use other than a secretary bird (besides mongoose but that isn't the point). So first the Secretary Eyes would be unlocked by attacking and not doing damage 15 times and spending 25 days in a savannah biome. It would be unlocked by this because:

  1. They are accurate
  2. keep debris out of their eyes (even though there is no debris like features which they should add BTW)

The effects would be +3 sight and +1 attractiveness for both males and females (because look at those specialised feathers, beautiful). The Secretary Head Feathers would most likely unlocked by call to attract wild animals 40 times and spending 25 days in a savannah biome. The effects would be +1 attractiveness for both male and female, +1 smell, +1 hearing and +1 strength. The reason for hearing is because birds don't have ears, which is the main topic of another request down below.

Next the Secretary wings be unlocked by flying 30 times and spending 25 days in a savannah biome. The effects would be +4 flying (secretary can but don't really fly that much). Now the main feature of this whole video the Secretary Talons. Unlocked after attacking 30 times, flying 10 times and spending 25 days in a savannah biome. The effects would provide +1 swimming, +2 speed (they're fast), +2 strength. The reason for the +2 strength is because there kicks are around 20 kg which is 4x heavier than them, which may not sound like much but if it was to be put on a scale to a nicheling (which could easily be more heavier) it's safe to say it would be deadly.

Finally a new immunity, immunity Secra (better name is asked for it) which would be unlocked after being poisoned 15 times. It just provides poison resistance.

So I hope you've found this interesting, Sincerely Biogamer.



Here are also some of those snake ideas:















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49 minutes ago, Fishyfishyfishy500 said:

lol this is the only other long legs idea I have seen, but I am asking you, what are the ramifications of having such long legs?

Hm... I guess that it would be -1 cold resistance because after all the legs are fairly thin and are scaly, not the best for a cold environment.

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