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Community Voting Rules - Please read before making suggestions!


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Hey pack


As promised we are now opening the first round of community suggestions :D


How long will this run?


Suggestions will be open from November 3rd - 30th.


How will this work?


Phase 1)

Everybody can make suggestions on how to improve and further develop Niche.

This is the time when we gather aaaaall the crazy ideas, so feel free to be totally creative.


Phase 2)

Our team will go through the suggestions and make a selection.

Please note that some suggestions might not fit into the vision we have for the game (such as excessive base building)

or would take forever to implement and therefore can’t be added (such as modding support and multiplayer).


Phase 3)

Our team posts a voting poll with the selected suggestions and everybody can vote for their favourites.

The features with the most votes will be added to the game.


Ok what do I do now?


Head back to the board and start posting your suggestions for new features, improvements and experiments in a new thread. Please keep it focused! Only one idea per thread. Feel free to add concept images ^^

A maximum of three suggestions per person please. Every thread that does NOT have a clear title of what the idea is about will be ignored.


Before posting a new suggestion, please browse through the already existing suggestions.

If you find one that is similar to yours, consider adding a comment on the existing one instead of opening a new thread.

If you find a suggestion you think is great, please leave a comment that you like the idea and start a discussion focused on the topic if you like :)


Ok, let's get this started :D!








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