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Sandbox Settings update now on the main branch!

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Dear pack

The sandbox settings update has finally made its way to the main branch on Steam and GOG :D

Everyone who hasn't switched to the tester branches + everyone on GOG can now play around with all new things we added in last couple months! A huge thanks to everyone who helped us with the testing! And to @Max and @Micha who fixed all the bug :)

To celebrate the occasion we're running a sale for the next 2 weeks, Niche is 30% off  on SteamGOG and Humble. And once again we’re running a give away in the forumsTwitter and Facebook.

Check out this video to see all the new features in action:

Here are the patch notes :)
(Current main branch version to version 1.2)

New features:

  • Added Japanese and Polish translations
  • New ability, Insect collecting
  • New food source Termite Hills
  • New animal type “Peaceful Bear”
  • Nicheling names can now be customized via a file
  • Gem colors can now be customized via a file
  • Added new sandbox settings:
    • Age and pregnancy duration
    • Start animal amount and gene settings
    • Damage and healing multiplier 
    • Food and nesting material start amount 
    • Blind gene mode 
    • All genes unlocked 
    • Tribe size limit
    • World Settings (allows you to toggle the spawn of objects on/off)
    • Win conditions
    • (Achievements are disabled if you play with custom sandbox settings)

New genes:

  • New gene Bat Head
  • New gene Sticky Tongue
  • New gene Savanna Horns
  • New gene Bat Wings


  • Unlocked genes are now highlighted in the mutation list
  • Added gene name to gene unlocked message
  • Rogue Males can now be stunned by coconuts
  • Added Try Attack and Try Swoop Interaction for Crabbit


  • Apes can no longer move through jungle rivers
  • Wild Nichelings drown themselves less often
  • Moved tailfin body part a bit to avoid collision with water body
  • SetGene and SwitchGender console command should no longer break the game or cause bugs
  • Fixed family tree age display bug
  • J Immunity can no longer be found in iceblocks
  • Fixed animal skills display problem im family tree
  • Fixed animals that had their eyes closed after being warmed up
  • Fixed shadow bug
  • Fixed Try Attack immortal Rabbils bug
  • Crabbits no longer spawn on Nichelings and stand on tree fields
  • Fixed bird sound even if no bird spawned
  • Wild Animals can no longer walk around when they are frozen, stunned, paralyzed
  • Fixed double meat-eating plants animation glitch
  • Wild Animals are becoming more scared when being attacked
  • Rivers no longer run through port fields and travel stones
  • Fixed saving of weather periods, they are no longer reset when loading a game
  • Eve can no longer spawn with wings

We hope you all enjoy the new version ^^
Your Stray Fawn team

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On 7/24/2019 at 9:53 AM, Lilytuft said:

Hah! Take that, baby eaters! You didn't get added in yet!:Arno:

I kinda like Defender Bears but also kinda don't

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Guest SilverTheNicheling
On 7/24/2019 at 2:56 AM, Philo said:

Wild Animals are becoming more scared when being attacked

Actually.. I’m still having a problem where even if I attack wanderers they still don’t run away and keep stealing my dang food!

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