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Small interactions/ Random Interactions



Hello! So I think that niche could use a little bit more idle movement. The eye blinking is already a nice step, but besides that and head moving, there really isn't a lot of interactions or movements, so here are a few things I think would be nice to add. 


-Maybe a nose lick, scratching and itch or just moving their ears around?

-when going to sleep, they can curl into a little ball. 

- Maybe (If its not too much work!) Add a little brawling, perhaps a rare animation that happens between two males one in a moon? xD

Those are my suggestions! thanks for considering :P 

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I would like more idle animations for nichelings, but I think they would have to be simple. Complex animations might not work well since nicheling models are static, but simple animations like ear twitching, nose licking and yawning would be perfect. A sleeping animation might even be possible, since it would only activate after a nicheling uses up all of their turns.

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I think small idle movements would be good, but no walking animations and such. It would be odd for niche's style in my opinion. Plus, think of the times you can spam the walk buttons. How would the walking animation cope? But, I love the suggestion! Upvote my friend!

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