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New Genes 076-85: A whole bunch of Sharks (new set of aquatic genes)



Now the reason on why I'm doing a whole bunch of sharks is because It's shark week so yeah its a celebration  and it would usually be one gene for each shark (some may have more) and all genes would be unlocked by inviting a nicheling into the tribe in an archipelago as the dominant gene but rarity varies with it being common, uncommon, rare and extremely rare. So, yeah lets begin:

Hammer Head Shark:

  • Hammer Head (Uncommon): The effects would be +2 underwater echolocation (see link below), +1 hearing, +1 underwater breathing, +2 sight and disable ears. Fishing really shouldn't be added because well they wouldn't really fish so say, the plus 2 sight would combined with regular eyes sight effects because hammerheads have a large range of vision, but with no real hearing so ears should be disabled.

Great White Shark:

  • Jaws (the movie Jaws reference) (Snout: Extremely Rare): The effects would be +1 underwater echolocation, +1 hearing, +3 smelling, +1 underwater breathing, +2 strength and disable ears. Smelling because they have amazing sense of smell, and their bites are sever.
  • Dorsal-Underbelly clash (Colouration: Uncommon): This would have the top section (dorsal) have darker colouration whilst the bottom section (underbelly) have lighter colouration. This would provide +3 camouflage underwater.

Tiger Shark:

  • Tiger Shark Jaws (Snout: Rare): The effects would be +2 underwater echolocation, +2 hearing, +1 hearing, +1 underwater breathing, +2 cracking and disable ears. This is because of how I needed some average genes per say and the cracking is because of their ability to crack turtle shells and clams.
  • Tiger Shark Strips (Colouration: Common): The stripes would only run on the back and just be a darker shade of the nichelings main colour. This would provide +1 camouflage underwater and maybe in grass as well IDK. 

Thresher Shark:

  • Thresher Tail (Tail: Rare): The effects would be +1 strength, +2 swimming. This is in reference to there long tails that they use to stun their prey.

Mako Shark:

  • Mako Fins (Paws: Common): The effects would be +2 swimming.
  • Mako Tail (Tail: Uncommon): The effects would be +3 swimming.
  • Mako Body (Body: Rare): The effects would be +2 swimming, +2 cold resistance. +1 underwater breathing, +1 stealth. The cold resistance is a reference to how mako sharks can make their body temperature warmer than the water around them to build up speed.

Bull Shark:

  • Bull Shark Jaws (Head: Extremely Rare): The effects would be +2 smell, +3 strength, +1 hearing, +1 underwater echolocation, +1 underwater breathing. Strength is for their extremely powerful bite.

Goblin Shark:

  • Deep Sea Jaws (Head: Extremely Rare): The effects would be +1 underwater breathing, +1 strength, +2 distasteful appearance. The distasteful appearance because unfortunately isn't the prettiest of the animals.

Whale Shark:

  • Sugoi Filter (gaming beaver reference)(Head: Uncommon): Effects be +1 underwater breathing, +1 smelling, +1 filter feeding (link below), +1 collecting.

Nurse Shark:

  • Nursing Pattern (Pattern: Uncommon): This would provide +2 camouflage in all environments except snow. This is reference to how nurse sharks have good camouflage plus I really wanted to add one.






Yeah so I hope you've found this interesting sincerely, Biogamer.

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4 minutes ago, NumberCatPupSimGenerator said:

There was a shark that I love and I forgot it's name

It's like the Whale Shark and it's filter feeder

It resembles a shark more than a Whale Shark

all I can think of is the Nurse Shark
is that a thing?
I wouldn't know

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change the post?

On 7/26/2019 at 6:51 AM, wikipedia (angel) said:

They should be able to have the stun effect that coconuts have...? 


On 7/26/2019 at 8:23 AM, Biogamer said:

Huh, you've got a good point


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