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New Genes 086: Scorpion (Why just the tail)


Now I've done something similar with the Platypus because I wanted more genes relating to the Platypus besides the beak. And I think this is the same problem with the Scorpion Tail, I mean why stop there. First the Multi Eyes would be unlocked by having majority of your tribe (even 50/50) must have regular eye genes and spending 20 days in a savannah biome. The eyes would be the same as regular except with three smaller eyes behind the regular one, the effects would be +4 sight.

I know mandibles are popular but I'm going for it, the Scorpion Mandibles would be unlocked by attacking 50 times and spending 30 days in a savannah biome. The effects would be +1 distasteful appearance, +1 smell, +2 hearing and +1 strength. The hearing is a reference to their hair like feelers that sense their surroundings as would other hearing effects in the next idea.

The Scorpion abdomen would be unlocked by spending 30 days in the savannah biome as well as have 10 nichelings survive being poison. The effects could be +2 heat resistance, +1 distasteful appearance, +2 hearing (IDK I think it's weird but cool at the same time), +1 poison resistance and +1 stealth, because of how they can fit in quite nicely into their environment, most of the time.

Finally the Scorpion Pincers would be unlocked by attacking 50 times and spending 50 days in a savannah biome. The effects would be +3 strength, because of like how I usually mention if these traits were to be put onto a creature around the size of a fox or a wolf, it would hurt. But maybe heat resistance or something similar IDK.

So I hope this was interesting, Sincerely Biogamer.

Here's the Platypus idea: 





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