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so, i was bored and i made some of the gods and goddesses in my little niche universe and then i thought " wow, i spent about two hours trying to make these, why don't i make a post about them?" and here i am.

most of them aren't here because i don't have pictures for them yet but ill add them tomorrow


the universes backstory: 

one day two cat like creatures named Muni and Saun discovered an empty planet named Alad, they decided the planet was a bit too drab and from that day forward they filled Alad with trees, bushes, rivers and land. Muni realised that the two of them could not look after such a world on their own so they made creatures named nichelings. overtime, the nichelings developed personalities and traits, some of them were better at hunting, while others were better at cracking open nuts. soon the world got over populated so Saun made predators to kill off some of the nichelings. the nichelings protested against the predators and started destroying Alad. Muni got upset and planted a tree that would grow other gods that would be born into tribes to help stop the uprising, thus making the gods and goddesses. some of the gods agreed with the Nichelings, and were considerd eviland were given one red gem.  one day Quartz, the goddess of the sea got in an argument with Saun about the uprising, so she convinced Duki, the god of war and destruction to help her destroy Alad. Duki reluctantly agreed to help her. Quartz sent a rushing flood over the land while Duki made explosions to separate it. by the time Muni and Saun found out the world was already a wreck. as a punishment Quartz was sent to the apes to die while Duki was forced to live wiithin the same jungle for a twenty hundered years. 

The End  


🌸 Remie 🌸


Remie was born on a remote archipelago. she grew up picking off berry bushes and digging up roots, one day, a great famine came to her tribe. she and her friends Cari and Dune set out to a different island to find more food for the tribe. when they got to the third island she discovered a group of berry bushes and was made leader after the current leader at the time had died. when she died she was made the goddess of berry picking.


🌹Candi 🌷


Candi was born in the same tribe as Remie, but in a different island, she was born on a grass adventure. where she grew up hunting for Rabbils and mole. She hunted down two bearyeanas, one of then with a cub, when the cub grew up she named him Guntra and had children with him named Ania and Froot. when she died she became the goddess of hunting and meat


🌊 Quartz 💀


Quartz was born in a grass Jungle where she was brought up opening clams and fighting crabbits. she was unwanted due to her pelt and always envied Duki due to his popularity. she spent most of her time underwater helping with the Protests and killing off nichelings who went swimming in her pond. although the gods wanted her dead, Muni and Saun needed her to keep the ocean alive, so when she died she was made the goddess of the ocean. when Duki died she forced him to help her destroy Alad. witch she failed in doing so

 🌺Lala  🌺


Lala was born in the same jungle as Duki and Quartz, she usually was found cracking open nuts and picking berries. she soon fell in love with Duki and had three children with him named Dukduk, Raccooi and Dukro. she managed to keep her children and the tribe from joining in the uprising. she soon died from a common cold outbreak in her tribe. when she died she became the goddess of peace


💀  Whale 💀

image.png.749275efb053a6877ef7c381a53197a0.png   * note: this guy is actually sick: don't believe his genes

Whale was born on a grass mingle, he grew up learning to stay away from everyone due to his sickness. he envied the other nichelings that were able to be near eachother. when he grew up he fell in love with a female named Narala. Narala never found out that Whale was ill and she became increasingly sick untill she was found dead next to a newborn. Whale was never able to see his child due to his sickness wich made him go insane, he soon caused a common cold outbreak wich killed a quarter of the tribe. Whale was soon exiled. when he died he became the god of sickness and death




Duki was born in a jungle along with Quartz and Lala. he was usually attacking rabbils or talking with Lala. he took down two bearyeanas and some wanderng nichelings that stole the tribes food. when he died he became the god of war.


🌸   Mero 💮


Mero was born in on a moving whale island. he grew up being worshipped by his tribe dur to his wings, bird beak and his tail. he usually was on a tree stump calling for wild nichelings. when he died he became the god of flight.


Tameel ( ugly vampire )


Tameel was born on a grass adventure. he was unwanted due to his bad genes, but luckly, Muni thought he looked funny so he was allowed to live. he moved to an oasis with his tribe and he burned to death there. he was made the god of insects (thanks to angelheart)and bad luck.




Melen was born an a snowy mountain, much like Quartz, she was unwanted due to her genes. she grew up as a wanderer and spent her days digging up roots and siwmming. one day she stumbled into a tribes territory, but luckily, the tribe accepted her in because of her digging paw. she fell in love with a male nicheling called Ronu and they had two children together named Inu and Dia. when she died she became the goddess of good luck


Missing gods

  • God of beauty
  • God of Healing
  • god of fire
  • god of music ( aka calling on stumps )
  • god of animals

Aaaand i think thats it for now -w-

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I have 17 gods n goddess including a new one I haven't posted about yet plus 5 spirits... help me please I'm drowning in my own pantheon... though, i don't have a story for how the world was created. but then again I have a time-traveler.

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Guest SilverTheNicheling

Those are beautiful gods/goddesses that you have there!

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