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Neko Atsume lineart/base (art NOT by me, by Neko Atsume)


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So I edited a Neko Atsume picture.

your welcome.

all art by Neko Atsume, I just erased some things so you could fill them in.

the bar underneath the picture is for their looks. The square in the corner in for their “mementos”. (We’ll just call it your cat’s favourite item/toy)

if you have any questions (if you don’t play Neko Atsume but want to use this base), please ask.

F6688E95-5EC6-4F63-8265-435408A586E6.thumb.png.0d73743e5b42c5cb030e7a9fdba3837e.png(The visits thing just is to tell how many times they’ve visited humans)

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