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Campaign Mode Update - Patchnotes 0.7.3


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Dear Drone Engineers,

After a month of testing and improving, we finally released the new Campaign Update on Steam! Thanks again to all testers of the preview version for all the great feedback and bugreports! We will keep you posted here as soon as we release another testing version for the next update.

At its core this update is all about the new campaign mode. Captains, progression through unlocking drone parts, travel events, asteroid fields and much more :)

The old savefiles are no longer compatible with this version. However all drones from older savefiles will be imported automatically and should be available to use in the competitive and creative mode.

@Philo and @David also recorded a video showing the new features of the campaign update:

To celebrate the update we are running a 25% discount for the game starting today at 16:00 CET and goes on for two weeks

Here are the complete patchnotes summarized for the main branch:


New Features

  • Split the game into 3 different modes: Competitive, Campaign and Creative
  • New Campaign Mode with new progression system, different captains, travel events, new locations and rewards
  • New Creative Mode with different settings to change the gameplay
  • New shared drone list for creative and competitive mode
  • Added in-place replace functionality for drone parts (hold alt when dragging item over another)
  • Added multiple gravity and air resistance modes to the test drive
  • Added Kickstarter backers to the credits
  • Added planet names from Kickstarter backers to the game
  • The minimap now has a dynamic planet display
  • Added live weapon previews to tooltips
  • Added drone skins as setting for basic parts

New Drone Parts:

  • Piston that can be extended and retracted
  • Small magnet, small and easy to use but not as configurable as the big magnet

Drone Part Changes:

  • Changed the look of the Magnet, so it matched its collider
  • Added the option to choose a Drone Skin for the basic parts
  • Spikes now cause damage on impact rather than continuous damage on contact
  • There is now only one resource tank which can hold all resources
  • We increased the rate plasma and cryo ammunition change the temperature of enemies
  • Drills now only cause damage while they are activated
  • Particle weapons now heat up or cool down enemies faster than other weapon types


  • You can now access the drone hangar directly from the map without having to travel to a location
  • Most missions now have different difficulty levels 
  • We balanced the health of the enemies to match the difficulty level of the new campaign mode
  • Enemies now target you if you attack them, even if you are out of range
  • Snake damage changed from 100 to 180. Aggro speed increased by 20%
  • Balanced all weapon-stats
  • A lot of small UI changes, especially for the campaign mode
  • A lot of sound effect changes and new sound effects
  • Changed the drone import file dialog to use native dialogues
  • You now only can mine a finite amount of resources from one planet, even if you launch multiple drones
  • Lowered health of shipwreck-parts
  • Slightly increased durability of Energy Shield
  • Reduced the burning damage scaling
  • Objects now stop burning after 5 seconds, unless they get heated up again.
  • Increased rate at which fire and cryo ammunition change temperature
  • Plasma and cryo weapons now increase / lower temperature at the same rate


  • Race finish line is no longer detected as obstacle
  • Fixed afterburner collider
  • Proximity and distance sensor overlays no longer stretch the drone image
  • Fixed that some objects did not heat up neighboring objects
  • Fixed small spawning bugs in different missions
  • Fixed bug where hammerheads that haven’t targeted the player before were faster
  • Stonemantas don't spawn fireflies anymore when they are frozen
  • Fixed placement of resources on lava planet corridor
  • Fixed bug in corp laboratory mission where no laboratory would spawn
  • Fixed drone workshop max diameter not being displayed correctly in racing modes
  • Fixed Continue button collider so it does not overlap with the upload drone checkbox after a Tournament
  • Fixed a bug in the main menu UI that occurred when deleting saves
  • You should no longer be able to print sub drones inside the terrain and fly underground. The parts break if they spawn inside the terrain. 


  • Upgraded our engine to Unity 2018.4.3f1


Intermediate Patchnotes from 0.7.2 to 0.7.3

  • Fixed continue button collider so it does not overlap with the upload drone checkbox after a tournament
  • Fixed memoryleak of new minimap
  • Added individual captain portraits
  • Added effect for nebula event
  • Added tooltips for resources
  • Fixed a bug in the main menu UI that occurred when deleting saves
  • Added Small Magnet drone part
  • Redesigned Magnet to fit the collider better
  • Old savefiles are now deleted after the drones got transferred to the new global drone list
  • Ore planet now shows mission status as “completed” instead of “failed” after going on mission
  • Reworked drone launch UI to show more information
  • Added animations to all travel events
  • Added current galaxy number display to UI
  • Fixed Piston extend and retract speed. it’s now in meters /second and should behave more consistently

Cheers & Have fun!
Stray Fawn Studio


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