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My dudes (or dudettes), I like you but... I'm dying over here. I need a hand, and probably a PROPER friend.

And I'm also in love, but not in an entire way? Just a little, also, how do you tell someone your attracted to TWO people, and they are both the same gender as your own? Yeah, you don't. And one of those people are ace, and would probably slay me if I tried to tell her. The last time I talked to her I was having a heat stroke (or what felt like it) and my mom found her as I was walking slowly to the car, dying with a slushie in my hand... yeah, that probably wasn't the best day.

Okay, so this went off-topic, but this in the "Off-topic" section...


also you'll never see Prince ever again in the state I'm in right now

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1 minute ago, Meron'nitchirin said:

I have assumed

(don’t mind all the black, that’s supposed to be brown but there was no brown)

and somehow i gave you ears

it was also all in japanese


ah I see
what weird eyes I have (jokingly)

(I'm actually blond(e))

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