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This might have been done before, but I haven't seen anything like it.


Females are almost always alphas, and males should be omega.

A nicheling is only allowed to mate with the same nicheling in their lifetime.

When a female grows up, they are paired up. They can be paired up with any unpaired male. If there are no available males at the time, the next male that grows up or joins the tribe is their mate.

Incest is okay

Females cannot be banished.

If a rogue male's child is born, then one of 2 things must happen. If it's a female their rank should be beta, but otherwise they live a normal life. If it's a male, they must be banished as soon as they are a teen.


Baby 2 days
Child 3 days
Teen 5 days
Adult 30 days

Pregnancy 3 days

Enemies ×3
Everything else ×2

Blind gene mode



I thought of this on the spot so it might not work.

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Just now, FlowerMask said:

Maybe a playthroo if you’d allow it? No promises bc I still have to continue flower and thorns.

I'd love to see a play through of it. I wouldn't be upset if you didn't end up doing a paythrough though.

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3 minutes ago, FlowerMask said:

I think a playthrough of it would be epic bc of the stories you could tell but I’ll have to see wether I’m up to it or not :) 

I think the most devastating situation would be if you paired up the most beautiful nichelings, but they ended up sharing an immunity gene. Your only options would be to not let have them have any cubs, or risk sickness.

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