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I'm going to try to avoid other bugs people have already pointed out, but so far, I've encountered:

  • The game gets laggy as I approach ports
    i.e. creatures don't look like they move, even though the game says they occupy the space I moved them to; meat, berries, and nesting material gathered freezes in the air; the moving at night glitch
  • The stinky tail has had a couple of glitches. 
    Most of the time it's disconnected from the creature, but it has also been seen angled sideways, fluffed out somewhat like the peacock tail [but not as fancy], and I had a baby whose tail wouldn't show until he had his second gem.
  • When calling creatures with the new calling feature, some of them glitch slightly [tails detaching a bit], but quickly fix themselves next time they move
  • I had a creature with double immunizes who wasn't sick [though I kept them at a safe distance just to be sure nothing bad happened to my healthy creatures]

Other than that and other glitches mentioned by other people, I'm loving the new update so far. I'm slowly making my dream pack of winged creatures. I'm slowly working on having as many of the flying/bird genes as possible.

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I also came across the movement one (was on Whale Island). Started with moving a baby out of a nest but she only shifted to the side of the nest (as if she had a twin beside her). I tried to use the mouse wheel to scroll in and as I did it gradually moved the baby to the correct space.  Then tried to move the mom back onto the nest and had the same thing happen (didn't move but could "scroll" her to the nest).

Then had another nichling not move where moved to; scrolling did not fix.  The mom and baby were only moving one spot, so maybe that was the difference.  Ended day with the move not taking place.  Next day seemed like the sun did not come all the way up and I could no longer click on any nichlings.  Could tab to cycle through them but would not show any information on them and could not do any actions.  Exited to main menu and re-entered.  Used the right mouse button hold to rotate the camera and the nichling who had not moved properly swung around the screen even out above the ocean.  But could now click on nichlings and it would show actions as if there move had been completed properly.

Noticed doing an action with another nichling sometimes made the previous nichiling move to the proper spot.  Also seemed to affect bunnils.

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If that happens again please post the save file here!
That makes it a lot easier for us to find and fix the problem :)
Your save file can be found here:

~/.config/unity3d/Team Niche/Niche - a genetics survival game/Saves

~/Library/Application Support/unity.Team Niche.Niche - a genetics survival game/Saves

C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\LocalLow\Team Niche\Niche - a genetics survival game\Saves

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