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New Genes 087: Anomalocaris (Ancient Arthropod Genes)



The anomalocaridids were the worlds first apex predators, with the only beasts that could defeat them is another anomalocaridids. The most famous amongst them is the Anomalocaris, which I will be taking about today. All of these genes would be found in ice blocks but maybe closer to the water. First the Compound eyes (I know it has been requested multiple times) would provide +3-4 sight, because of the 360* vision and may be on a small stalk. Next the Grabber Jaw (front appendages) would provide +2 strength, +2 distasteful appearance, +2 collecting, +1 underwater breathing and disable ears. Because in order to make it not only balanced and realistic nichelings with the Grabber Jaw would not be able to smell or hear, unless another gene is around like blind eyes.

The plated abdomen, based on its armoured yet mobile body would provide +2 defence, +2 swimming, +1 distasteful appearance and -1 cold resistance. Finally the Swimming Fan Tail would provide +2 swimming only. They did go extinct from cold temperatures so it would be a slight challenge with these genes in a frozen biome. However I did want to add more prehistoric genes to the games other than mammals and others are doing so as well.

So I hope you've found this interesting, sincerely Biogamer.


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