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Un-wireless resource transfer

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I'm very new to this game so I might just be doing something wrong.

I chose engineer for campaign. It said it has wireless resource transfer, which I believe means you don't have to go to that hub thing to deposit resources.

So I put a resource collector on my drone and I found some red stuff.

I sucked it up and my resource tank didn't fill and the amount of resources I have didn't go up.

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Did the red stuff (unobtainium) disappear when you harvested it?  If you collected a huge pile of it and didn't see any change in your drone's resource tank level, then it sounds like a bug.  If you only collected a small amount, it might not have been enough to show any change in your tank.

As engineer, I attach a single resource tank to a decoupler and drop that in the collection bay after arriving at the planet.  Then, resources are credited as I harvest them.

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The resource tank has to be placed/dropped into the collector for the remote resource transfer.

Probably the easiest way to go for is to place a resource tank under your drone and disconnect it right after the start. Gravity will help to get it in the right place.

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The remote connection is just between the resource collector and the tank.

The tank still has to be emptied in the 'floating thing'.

So i assume it's best procedure to just always have one tank in the 'floater'.

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