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Hide UI feature breaks pause screen

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I was in a game where I accidentally pressed F7 without realizing.  Did not know what this feature does.  When I went to return to Nimbatus, I pressed ESC and the game paused by nothing else showed.  Only option was to press ESC again.  I couldn't use keyboard navigation while paused to select the invisible option that I wanted.  Turns out that's also the case if UI is visible ;)

Pressing F7 while paused does not show the UI again.  Perhaps that would have helped.  Eventually I figured out what had happened after mashing some keys.  I don't know how useful it is for the Hide UI feature to affect the pause screen, but just wanted to share my experiences.

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Very good point! Maybe when going to the pause mode via ESC the UI-hiding could get deactivated. Or, like you said, make sure F7 works when you are in the Pause-mode :) Thank you again for posting ^^

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