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Zura - Seri's Stampede challenge playthrough!


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I've decided to start a new tribe that I (hopefully) won't give up on like all my others.. ahah.

In this tribe, we will be doing the youtuber Seri! Pixel Biologist!'s STAMPEDE!! challenge! Here's a link to her guidelines if you're not quite sure how this will work: https://docs.google.com/document/d/18QJr1rThsYksyNhdR1jGJP7AzO9bLAkH-UmJvatg320/

Anyways, here's the five nichelings we have started with:


Yep. We started with all girls- much like how Seri herself started with all boys! Well, this will be fun. I love that all but one have water-related genes even though the Burning Savanna has no water. ..Anyways, here's the nichelings with their genes and names (from left to right):Stampede1.thumb.jpg.611c80b20f39f3ddbf31d06d5f1ed6de.jpg

Myluana. a little duckduck. She won't do well in the savanna for sure but she's pretty cute either way.Stampede2.thumb.jpg.c475f6b8bb0e54621935b1f6e2146a3b.jpg

Reloko. Another duck! She probably won't ever get a mate, unless she's a good gatherer, sadly. Otherwise, she's pretty basic.Stampede3.thumb.jpg.ba7f3f33a0f8b454e4d7f6d28d5db197.jpg

Burfa (beautiful randomly-generated name btw). Our first leader! Sadly she only has 1 attack.. Love her though.Stampede4.thumb.jpg.58efd2fdd84309ce65bb45497b38f2aa.jpg

Parlu. Not much to say about her other than she's pretty and could be a useful gatherer.Stampede5.thumb.jpg.8e112ed0f47fcce67a6d9ea2c75e9c81.jpg

And finally, Luparfa. Her cracker jaw could be very useful, along with her youth. She has the highest attack out of anyone.. 3.

That's it for now, I'll update shortly. :)

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I have decided to go to 15 days to start.
We've already found a bush!Stampede6.thumb.jpg.380bdea40814bf66cc9259f3fcac8ad4.jpg

We've gotten pretty far in our first day!Stampede7.thumb.jpg.63c1551310a1396227bd68ab0a80e92b.jpg

2nd day, still going well but starting to loose food already...Stampede8.thumb.jpg.f924dccc692607c8f9fb8b52dd67d407.jpg

Luparfa has grown up!Stampede9.thumb.jpg.60eb3ede5bccfcdf5fdb7197b69680f1.jpg


Also BearyenaStampede11.thumb.jpg.fc5ab24d0d00084359a94eb4a72c2368.jpg

We've found a male!! Welcome Vankirta!Stampede12.thumb.jpg.f789c6d69a2d16469e110cb1e2f4fcd9.jpg

We've killed the Bearyena, nice.Stampede13.thumb.jpg.1a29757b0b35c262bb188be93f330bea.jpg

Oh good, a Rogue Male. I decided to attack him.Stampede14.thumb.jpg.7a033b3b882436e7de79c133c533ea2b.jpg

thanks manStampede15.thumb.jpg.5ed0d3d260d3481f18a07b225a789eed.jpg

And here's the end, for now. We've gotten pretty far but we definitely need to find more food...Stampede16.thumb.jpg.3e4171b678ac9a145693087737316af4.jpg


Will the Zura tribe manage to find enough food to survive? Will they starve? Find out in the next episode of Niche!!!!

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Alright, we're starting off with a banger- Our first birth !!


Nokiraw, a little boy (thank god), he's already above everyone but his parents because of his horns.

Yay !!Stampede18.thumb.jpg.ea88bb433afa8567d226be264db35c7e.jpg


We have another new face: Ellaai!Stampede19.thumb.jpg.c606284f657817ec6c5701f6a498dc20.jpg

Well, at least she has Nimble Fingers, I guess..

And now, some bad news- Our first death. Rip Barfa, I always loved your name :(Stampede20.thumb.jpg.893a9da40b231904fa97915c8954bd96.jpg

Our new leader is Vankirta.

Uh-oh spagettiosStampede21.thumb.jpg.cbbc1be5220b54025a55d8c02e5e95eb.jpg


It's alright, we managed to kill it without casualties because for whatever reason it decided to move instead of attack.Stampede22.thumb.jpg.4be89713ec7c80cf1a2312e809af57bb.jpg

Right on Burfa's bones, too. Wow.


I didn't actually mean to give birth to Iwropri here, but now that he is here, I'm not gonna banish him, because that's just mean.Stampede23.thumb.jpg.225c953ef0d2722dbba36919a385e2db.jpg


Hello thereStampede24.thumb.jpg.dbf64253a5fb30808457ab33f4cf652f.jpg

I ended up not bringing her in because of food restraints.


Oh, and if you haven't noticed, we've been slowly creeping towards the flower port in hopes of more food.Stampede25.thumb.jpg.5af93ae4df9c397bfe736cf5aff8d170.jpg


Unfortunately, for a while I forgot what immunity genes were and bred Parlu with Vankirta in hopes for a cute baby, and yes, while Ronuiw is cute, he is unfortunately sick.Stampede26.thumb.jpg.4c2fcc69794113f814718f15c3acfa41.jpg


Anyways, the tribe has all gone onto the ports and we are now ready to go!Stampede27.thumb.jpg.a8fd453c63498ed96a0a1d33d8e14cb9.jpg


And here we are! Unfortunately, we won't be able to breed on this island due to challenge rules, so Reloko won't be able to have her child, but hey, at least we'll be able to eat for once!!Stampede28.thumb.jpg.2c9b3f83fa64c426343a2e5646a33590.jpg


And we are, current day. I'm planning on heading to the right port as soon as possible.Stampede29.thumb.jpg.e6a4625951ff13afd7631d698055de18.jpg


Anyways, this has been Taduk with the dying nichelings, tuning out!

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Ah, a beautiful day in niche, I wonder what's happening to the Zura tribe today.


No death?

No destruction?


Wow, this can't be. The nichelings..

They're alive.

Oh bother.

Well, in other news.. I've decided to start putting more roleplay into this, for no particular reason other than none of my other tribes are roleplay based. Oops.

So yeah, everyone has ~Feelings~ and they ~Do stuff~ now, so ye

Also can I not that I'm awful at roleplaying so this is still, with me trying my hardest, not completely roleplayed.

Anyways to start off Reloko died.Stampede30.thumb.jpg.cda32b23defde5c3e0064021d0c34eee.jpg

Ah, well.


Anyways stuff happens yada yada yada now we're off the island !! Hoping for jungle !! (Oh and also I bred Parlu with Nokiraw. Fun fact: all of our alive females other than Ellaai have I immunity, and our leader, Vankirta, also has I immunity, and, and, Ronuiw is sick with double I immunity!!! Wowee!!)Stampede31.thumb.jpg.af0f7541843d87c90088af72d2d23562.jpg


No jungle :( However, I will allow them to breed in the savanna biomes (ONLY), just so our creatures don't die.Stampede32.thumb.jpg.ad3522cb6a4868f44cd3afd1f0b22d5a.jpg


Aaaand we've already found a healing plant! I bet Iwropri was quite shocked when he found that.. (This is how you roleplay, right?)Stampede33.thumb.jpg.70cab176fa85e0e7842037ed4220a5e3.jpg

I decided to give it to sickly Ronuiw. The tribe knew he had an uncurable sickness, but they know they can at least be generous and lengthen it, even if only a little. Ronuiw was hesitant to take it at first but he knew his tribe cared about him and wanted him to be as healthy as could be, so he ended up eating the fruit..

Is that good roleplay???? Ha, thought so. B|


Ellaai was heading towards the savanna, in hopes of the tribe being able to survive better. And whaddya know, she immediately stumbles into a nest !!Stampede34.thumb.jpg.6a764b2c8f82ef2209a258b921c470b2.jpg

Luparfa is ecstatic and runs to tell the whole tribe they found a nest !!!!!! Parlu was obviously the most excited and started heading over a quick as her little webbed hindlegs could take her. Gosh, this feels so weird to do.

And Ronuiw hasn't actually eaten the plant yet, he's still at the port, but hey, he's all grown up now !!Stampede35.thumb.jpg.b4b4aa1e3b41d398eb66875895adb26e.jpg

OK hey finally ate the darn plant woohooStampede36.thumb.jpg.bb454c374794dadaf8e3c82c2f20e0e8.jpg


And here's the new bab, Nuraw !!Stampede37.thumb.jpg.7f865b910dfae1fb8e0d652f50ed4d04.jpg

He could be a future leader if he put his fishy mind to it.

Aaand rip Parlu, you always looked cool :(Stampede38.thumb.jpg.28637438ea981f5567066a6a341ee614.jpg

Oh and also she was the new baby's mother so that's extra sad. At least Nuraw still has his father, Nokiraw, I guess.


Ehhh they're able to breed why not. Took forever thoughStampede39.thumb.jpg.2083683f2f5d815ffe9941e657236faa.jpg


I feel like Iwropri is like, a foster father to Nuraw (since his father clearly doesn't really care about him). :)Stampede40.thumb.jpg.ff98345baead1d0ad82087074a1b37d3.jpg


Oh look a wanderer!! Don't care thoughStampede41.thumb.jpg.3f0431e94af2f57c16134d4012fd1c02.jpg


I feel like Iwropri would be surprised and scared once Nuraw jumped head first into the water, but then would be fine with it because he realizes Gills can breathe underwater. Oh and also Muraw found a shrub bush to impress Iwropri even further !!Stampede42.thumb.jpg.6b0d9dc6e673de410ddfbf3e5b81a8af.jpg


Haha, Iwropri's found his own bush to impress Nuraw with!Stampede43.thumb.jpg.c8fcc09115c2384c3ef99a641f6a74e9.jpg


Hmm.. I feel like Ronuiw and Ellaai should breed... I mean, they've been eachother's companies for like 10 days.. I only feel like it's fitting.Stampede44.thumb.jpg.ad4a59d04f7e938d7b61a6adc7569dfe.jpg


Anyways here's the Zura tribe now:Stampede45.thumb.jpg.2f234223b72d77df0ec0284330662c9e.jpg

They're doing pretty good... Almost too good.



Oh and also if you thought I was joking at my earlier statement about Immunity Gene I's...Stampede46.thumb.jpg.db10c821aad3ce2f4d7cb1385bc9af66.jpg

And only two of them (Ellaai and Nokiraw) are still alive!! Also, one of them was a Rogue Male.

Oh heck.. I just realized Ellaai and Nokiraw can breed... Ohhh heck

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