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Solitary challenge


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Sorry if someone has made a challenge similar to this, I have not been here in a long time.

To start off: This challenge is story based. Your creature may have any backstory you'd like, but it is very important to have one to influence your creature's choices.

Since it is most important: You start with one creature. This creature is the "Storyteller." for most of their life, even if they find wanderers, they will live alone. However, one day, they find another creature that sparks an interest they didn't know they had, and they ask them to join them. This is the "Listener", they will listen to all the Storyteller has to tell them. The Listener has a backstory of their own, but wishes not to tell the Storyteller; they like to stay quiet. The Storyteller and the Listener may be friends or mates. If friends, they may find another creature to join them to become one of their mates. If mates, they will have only one or two children, usually late in their lives. Once both the Storyteller and Listener die (even if one of them wasn't the parent), the youngest creature in the tribe becomes the Storyteller, and if there are any other creatures, they will disband, so the Storyteller is the only one left.


  • Your creatures may travel as often as they want, but it can only be one creature; the Storyteller, as the Listener is too connected to their island to want to leave.
  •  (Optional) you may not add any mutations to the mutation menu, at all.
  • You can not call for wanderers, you can only find naturally spawned ones.
  • Any creature can have children, not just the Storyteller and the Listener.
  • Rogue Male children can be thought of differently based on the story, but generally, they're treated like any other creature, and even if your creatures do hate Rogue Male children, they can still become Storyteller.
  •  It can be Story mode if you so choose, but if you decide to do Sandbox mode, here are the settings:

Sandbox mode settings:

Age settings:

  • Duration per age level can be anything, though I'd suggest giving them longer lifespans.
  • Pregnancy duration can also be anything, preferably longer.
  • Damage multipliers, again, can be anything.

Gene settings:

  • Must start with one creature.
  • Name, gender, rank, age, and action points can be anything you like.
  • You can not remove any of the already selected Forbidden Genes, but you can add up to 5 genes in it.
  • You can only put 3 genes in (including fertiity and Immunity Genes), everything else must be random.

Gameplay settings:

  • You must start with 10 food and 5 nesting material.
  • There is a tribe size limit between 3-6 creatures.
  • You can have Blind Gene Mode if you want but you can not have Unlock All Genes on.

World Settings and Win Conditions:

  • Whatever you'd like!


That's it. Thanks for reading!

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