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1 minute ago, Magicmoonss said:

I don't mind drawing them again! :) Could you tell me a bit more about them?


Julian is... not the greatest King. Instead of attempting to fix the ape problem- the entire point of this tribe- he instead focuses on what he calls his 'Goals'; inviting in more wanderers into the gene pool. He likes to give them a big speel about how it helps the tribe, how you'll be protected, ect... but really, he's just a flamboyant chaotic stupid thot who got put on the throne because of family. 

Negatus, poor bloke, is just trying his best with a thot as king (although he's not exactly got the hang of warrior-ing, since he's only really just got put into power). He's gruff, with dark thoughts and darker humour to prove it; but he really just wants to be accepted in the Apekillers for who and what he really is- not that anybody but Julian realises that. 

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