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im living under a rock
I live off of microwave nuggets
and I draw for a living
when do I get to be able to sell my art for like a dollar
I just need money for Shelter 2 and Equillnox thing
and Saurian

and that wolf DLC from Meadow I think exists

please take the terrarium in my  closet full of dirt and dollar store decoration thingys

take the light blossom fake tree on my dresser

take the damn rash thing off my arm

take Shavi and Eramai

and my terrible writing I've never finished and never will

take my hope to find the original LupisVulpes animation of Devil's Train

don't take my dogs

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Guest SilverTheNicheling
1 minute ago, Renio2490 said:

well it doesn't work on my (i)Phone, but perhaps it works on your iPad

I don’t think I can install adobe flash through safari.. I’d have to get puffin and I’d have to reinstall that..

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