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Guest SilverTheNicheling
1 minute ago, Renio2490 said:

why do you want to help me

Because we care about you!! ❤️❤️ 

Here are some cat gifs to help brighten your day! ^^









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I help her, but what does she do for me? I ask little of her, most likely just to shut the door or to hand me my remote...
jesus, why do I like her? I'm done.
I just want an actual friend that isn't sensitive, and doesn't make me feel bad about everything. But I want a friend that I can pay back for the help...

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I want actual friends.
Ones that aren't online, ones that I can see with my eyes. I want friends that understand, I want friends that don't move away. I want friends that help, and can be helped back. I want friends that think about me, and I think about them back. But all I get are regular people, that don't seem to understand. I mean, some just don't understand the difference between pain laughter and happy laughter. I want friends that don't get all upset because I joked about them.
I just want some damn friends that I like. and trust. How hard is it to get someone who knows some common sense, or even understands my problems.

I need some friends that just ok.

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