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5 minutes ago, Sting-tail elf said:

What happened?

Well I didn’t want to get my Steam information which I’ve seem to forgotten (my real username). It’d take a while to get it and that would be a real pain

Philo has given me something else to try, so I’ll try it later on my laptop.

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Also I got a new iPad for christmas :)

im also really dumb because I tried some shady website I got off YouTube for some coins in a game and it gave me 4 “viruses”. But if they were real, why am I still on my iPad? Simple, they weren’t real. But now i know never to do that again LIKE A FOOL

New iPad, still same idiot brain.

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If you're looking for that kind of thing, the only safe-ish and working methods are either sites like cheat happens where people pay for safety, wild cards in terms of working or not like ddl warez, or a jailbroken/rooted device. New models should not be tried because you're a lot more likely to loose them.  Insurance doesn't pay either when you ruin it yourself. Ddl warez does fun things like having 99% of a game to download. So you fail, bitterly, after some hours of waiting time.

I got my iPod jailbroken when I was 10 and messing around was really fun a while. Tried to root my own phone for other reasons when older. Failed, but no damage. As a rule though, there's no reliable method that will not potentially murder your phone, ipad or ipod. Being stupid has been good to me, but you have to know what you're getting into. 

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Inner me: *yelling to myself* PLEASE STOP BUYING LIONS
Me: But... it was a ferus lioness! And those were pretty primals! And lovely piebalds! Please don't make me sell all my others for space, either...
Inner me: Hey, it's either that OR YOU SPEND ALL YOUR SB ON TERRITORY,  YA DUMB DUMMY!
Me: Stupid Lioden, always having limits... damnit! I spent 36 gb in a little more than 24 hours! DAMNIT MAN

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I'm really liking the drawing I'm making for sting-tail
also, they were the person who drew the laying-down-poison-fanged-white-spiky-bodied-Nicheling, right? I think they did, but I really liked the paws on it 😛

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I'm going to write a story.

This didn't deserve its own topic because I knew no one would look at it. So I'm just going to show you here.

It's about an arctic fox vixen, brought from its home and taken to a zoo. She escapes quickly, fearing the "tall-rats" (humans) would kill her or hurt her. Another arctic fox helps her out, and says he'd rather stay in the zoo. Her name is Unyua (une-u-ah), and she find herself lost in an unknown land, nothing like her home. She wonders if she should've stayed in the zoo, but Unyua finds a den and meets another fox, who says that she is rude for using his den. He is a red fox, and his name is Ekk.

I've only just gotten this far. I'm listening to the music of Auf Abwegen (amazing free sad game, people) while I write

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I took that quiz that Angel did for the clans and like WHY DOES THIS DESCRIBE ME- (other than the charming part and the graceful and magnetic and the attracting and...)
You belong to RiverClan!

You are exceedingly charming with a love for art and aesthetics.  Many find you graceful and magnetic, and you attract quite a few suitors.  You relish creature comforts, and you don't particularly like change.  You can be relentlessly stubborn when it comes to maintaining your spaces and defending them from outside forces.  You adore decorating - especially with treasures you find in nature such as shells, feathers and flowers.  And, as cliché as this sounds, you may enjoy being around water or swimming.  You are also very skilled in whatever field of work you are drawn to.  You do your best to live in the now and take in everything around you - sights, smells, tastes, touches.  You don't like to move too quickly, because what if you miss something beautiful?

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I'm so sick I've been awake since 2 am, it's 4 am right now, and at 12 am I had a dream I was dancing??? well, "dream" since I was still partly awake
I have the fever and I'm trying not to throw up or die because of the heat I'm producing that could probably keep me warm in the arctic.  and my hair is all tangled because of the (my) saliva I'm putting on my ears so they don't burn out and die

save me.

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So nobody's going to say anything? Look, I'm literally dying. And this isn't even a "real" fever, it's my dumb periodic fever.
And I swear if I keep producing all this heat, I'm going to overheat and actually die.

so before I die of fricking overheating, would you like to comment?

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