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3 hours ago, Renio said:

considering the only thing anyone thinks about when they first hear “Renio” they think young child, i shouldn’t like people

you're a fren

you've matured so much

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Well, now I guess I don’t rip someone’s eyes out because they were being annoying, doesn’t mean I won’t do it, I’ll just think twice beforehand.
(I’m joking I won’t rip your eyes out, I feel I need to clarify that)

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Just now, Renio said:

more or less upset, I just ruined my own day
and you might know why at least, but I’m a problematic person

Is it about discord?

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On 10/13/2019 at 9:26 AM, Renio2490 said:

Samosa's. Samosa's and raps are my new "up"

My samosa


This is the only valid picture of me

I found it and I hate it but I’m wearing the same shirt rn and i—

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3 hours ago, Sting-tail drake/alex602h said:

You know how chonk cats are considered cute, right? Imagine you are a chonk cat!

the chonk cats are cats, cats are always cute. I don’t care if it’s planning world domination I love it and it’s cute


2 hours ago, Bucket Friend said:

Listen here you bean. We want you here. You're an important part of the community!

I feel more like the part of the community you shouldn’t go to, mainly because there is nothing to do here anymore. There hasn’t been any updates for niche and the mobile is mainly useless for me because I’m stuck on my laptop and can’t figure out how to reset it, and I have an iOS. and when they release niche on switch potentially, eh. I just want some niche updates so I can be useful again and not feel like dirt,

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1 minute ago, Sting-tail drake/alex602h said:

What i am trying to say is, that you are cute

(no homo)

you can’t say no homo around me dude it’s my culture but I get it, thanks?

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Just now, Sting-tail drake/alex602h said:

(but i am straight, i just think that Renio is cute, like a chonk cat)

Calling someone cute that’s the same sex as you doesn’t mean it’s gay, it’s just affection or a compliment ^^ 

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