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7 minutes ago, Zixvir said:

YES! click here and click on games, select minecraft and click try for free, you already payed for minecraft, so use that account for this, then if it works you should have minecraft!

I have minecraft on my Nintendo switch and that’s it. I don’t think I can get it for free, unless I’m missing something oop

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my username is LogicalCarrot83 if that helps (I know it’s super dumb but I’m signed on to my Xbox 1 account I made on my laptop and it was the generated name)

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also I’m working on renio’s new ref sheet as a furry which ngl is gonna take me a while, not counting if I’ll even maintain the motivation to do so. but I needed an update for her because the old one was,, bright. And weird
But here’s the sketch so far. (I’m not too sure about the hair, yet. Might scrap it)

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