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I’ve been stuck watching the same series over and over and over and over again 
the same playlist, the same youtuber, the same game

so anyway, I’m on my way to make 500 more warrior cat ocs

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also I’m kinda afraid to leave my corner right here, I don’t like what’s happening outside because I know nothing about WoF and I really don’t want to. I already got warrior cats ruined for me by watching too much Moonkitti and... everything. you can’t go on YouTube without having 40 different spoilers for warriors
also why I stopped reading the books. At least, until school gets back in.

so does anybody want to see the only picture of my face I like with a pride rainbow flower crown? I bought it at Michael’s and I’m obsessed with the thing 

(my pretty dragons on FR :0 be jealous they’re my yin and yang coatls)A25398B3-FC6E-42C1-BD0D-1E1EB86EA886.png.e2c312f17f5ad8789e2be56efcccf31f.png651C4C1A-2BCC-43D5-8712-3AD7EF7E1AA9.png.86a6cb93c58e04827fe3ae974f493382.png

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I'm afraid of change, and I’ve also been afraid to admit there might be a small fear of commitment in my soul.

Sounds weird for someone who’s in a relationship, I suppose.

Here’s some artfight stuff I’ve done to lighten this “mood”. (The first one is my oc, though).C7990717-F784-409A-932A-146DFD7B6CFC.thumb.png.54c775c638816422bd1e8cbe30fd1e15.pngA9885342-B8A8-44BE-856B-C0058FF8628B.thumb.png.172c90cad07ede8ee393d43989b6e382.png3CE4E575-AADD-4B57-98E9-B5246E4FDE79.thumb.png.759888744e0e976dde832b5f7d21cb3a.png

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