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Renio's Rock (hi)


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3 minutes ago, Meron'nikeringu said:

That looks amazing! And way better than I could do with any Nicheling fullbodies!

most of my art looks like Nichelings, it's my entire style. I draw a lot of fullbodies. Actually, if you looked at my art from anywhere to 2 years ago to now, more than 80% of it will be fullbodies. Oops.

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(Guard) Shako


Italic is subsections

Bold is new sections


General Information:

Job: Guard

Gender: Male

Species: Gallimimus



Mother: ?? 

Father: ?? 

Sibling(s): Chert, female





Mate: Fae




Children: n/a




Home Location: In a swamp

Lives with: His mate Fae and his sister Chert

Home Appearance: A small cave with grasses and leaves scattered on the floor; a small stream running through; small sleeping nests

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  • Renio2490 changed the title to Renio's Rock (hi)

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