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5 hours ago, Philo said:

That is the plushie sketch indeed ^^

Also I got some creature ideas...

but 1. I don’t have my sketch pad (where I drew it.)

2. I kinda want to digitalization it but I could try on my phone...



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6 minutes ago, Markus said:


Thank you for the compliment @Philo xD 

BUT!!! Neither in the cut before or after, nor in the whole video I'm visible (because I wasn't at the office that day ^^). Which means.... did you just compliment your own hand, Philo? :Philo:


2 minutes ago, Philo said:

Daaamn! You're right xDD
Haha, oh man.

Cheeky Philo >:)

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9 hours ago, alex602h said:

In roblox, theres a game called bee swarm simulator. There you will see tabby bee.

(What i am trying to say is, that its already taken)

I know. I played that game too. 

I don't think they are close enough to be actually copyrighted. 

It's just a generic cat bee. But Bees are stripey and stripey cats are tabbies. It also made for a good pun name. But Philo has final call :3.

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