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13 hours ago, Spacestar TheThundersuncat said:



Found two unrelated XXX ice fae. Yay to a first solid breeding pair. Does someone want a clone in a some days? 

If you get a baby with primal ice eyes I'll pay a lot of money for it. Treasure and/or gems

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I guess I'm late to the party and everyone knows already, but in case you don't, the eyeburner lair of legend:



I haven't yet found the neon coatl of my dreams :/

i used to own that guy on my old account:


But he's an XYX and hence too matchy for optimum peak burn. Also a morph. Kind of still miss my dergs.

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Ive kinda abandoned flight rising, there's just not really any incentive for me. I'm gonna wait a while and see if I really want to stop playing,and if I do I'll give away my dragons, treasure and gems--I don't want it all to go to waste, even if I come back in a year or so.

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I'm periodically laying low and then somewhat intense, which just figures with my schedule. But that might work well enough with FR to keep balance.


Accidentally found one of these:

Naomi > Willow > Glitch > Reboot > Virus > Callon > Malfilviin >Me
Naomi --> Willow --> Fia --> Antares --> Runi --> Eilir --> Me

Still worth a little more by relation, so tell me if you want some 8th gen (starting 20-30k, hard to estimate), theoretically rtb.

There's tomorrow and then I half disappear from the net again. So If someone's offering a working male we can split them half if you hold the nursery, or I give a fee if below 2, one egg at 3 and 2 at 5 hatchlings. Not even including six because I've never gotten more than four dragons before.

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I'll do a lair focus on banescales for now and potentially one on Crimlocke for my lore. So finding normal breeding pairs has been put on hold. Not sure if you ever find a scale here, but maybe once every so often from more low profile pairs since they're really expensive to buy and I'll have to get lairspace for holding, too. 

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