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Just now, Green the gene maker said:

 still need to get rid of mermala


I don’t have much lair space left.. but frick it I’ll take them. My user is FlowerMask

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Found two golden dragons today with their IDs 2 million counts apart


Found in the fodder section, so they were really cheap. I'm going to bred both or one of them tomorrow. Golden dragons don't look like much, but they make for a good skin template and their mixed hatchlings might be beautiful. Can always kick them out at buying price.

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4 hours ago, Green the gene maker said:

ok! i'll send her over

Thank you! She’s beautiful and I’ll make sure to never sell/exalt her bc I seriously adore her now xD 

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Just now, bannergirl411 said:

3 little Banescales up for grabs. None got the Tert gene like I wanted. Let me know if you want before I Exhalt.



For some reason your named doesn't appear on my notifs. Anyways bye, im really tired and also have work to do.

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