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1 hour ago, Spacestar TheThundersuncat said:

Also might throw out this guy at fodder price:


Five days old, male. Not sure yet. In case someone wants him, I'll send a reminder here and a crossroads.

15 minutes. Can't wait until tomorrow + keep as something else came up. 

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23 minutes ago, Green the gene maker said:

no, not actively. Just some fun little things.

Okay. My User is WStarwishW (changing that, just needed something at the time and it rejected my first two picks :/)

the Leader, I guess.


In the middle of outfitting. (Lorvora. Haven't looked up what that means.) Getting more complex than that but haven't settled that out yet

Focus: Banescales. Coli team when I get to it. They're also my "progenitors".



(4 years, veteran)


11 months


Practically baby with some backstory I haven't written down yet. Same for Nr. 1

It's all very unfinished, but I'll write lore when I have time. They have a tight in-group within the group... and are pretty territorial. 

From the lore of FR: Banescale have migrated as far and quickly as possible to establish a number of new clans and spread their number across Sornieth.

While the first generation of new Banescale had the last songs of their ancestors to guide them, most of these dragons have had to adopt the traditions of other species. It is common for Banescale to latch onto groups of Coatl in particular, and they have grown an affinity for song and bright colors to the consternation of their feathered brethren

modern-day Banescale eschew this location, and parents keep their clutches with them at all times. (...) Lairs are utilitarian and abandoned after each season, leaving rough tunneled complexes behind.

I suppose we've settled quite close to your clan or the other way around. Sentimentalism* isn't valued by the full defintion

(A liking for sentimental things

An overly sentimental thing or condition; bathos or sentimentality

(philosophy) A view according to which morality is somehow grounded in moral sentiments or emotions.)

You're on our radar and don't like it.

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