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11 minutes ago, Spacestar TheThundersuncat said:

Banescale. They're the newest ancient breed, but down to normal prices by now. If you want one, I have bunch of hatchlings 


Three adults


And these two


That I don't really need. Pick one or two if you like any of them, but always check the adult form first:


In the bios.

since u asked right above this lil sentence i'd have to say this one 60663342_350.png.77ed9b8f15017e60b0ad01eb01a1c321.pngand the last unamed one that looks like it's on fire. they look really cool btw

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1 minute ago, Spacestar TheThundersuncat said:

I did. On mobile, you will get a notif in the the top right corner


Which you can see when hitting the triangle. If you tap on "Crossroads", it will take you there by default.

ohhhh ok i see it. thx angain 😄 

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10 hours ago, Spacestar TheThundersuncat said:

Does someone want free frog apparel pets?

I'll by trying to level my Baldwin from 11 to 16, so there's at least one every night. 






Somewhere in forever: 



I be selling the rest to craft more.

22167.png.acf2d584c91169d28682effc61992d81.pngI'll be weeks till I can craft snaked and such


If you have the chonky one (third frog), I will gladly take that

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