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Quick poll- do you think Archie looks better with or without the accent? Accent is on the left, no accent is right. React 'Paw up' if you want me to keep the accent on him, react 'Love' for me to remove it

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  • Love 2
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9 minutes ago, Spacestar TheThundersuncat said:


The crew of impeccably dressed tert-murderers is scary

Edit: the primary is also gone


same thing with one of my projects (apart from not having an outfit plan (yet)).

wHY DID SHE HAVE TO HAVE VERMILLON OUT OF ALL COLOURS AS A TERT- stained is the only decent option other than basic but that's expensive-

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2 minutes ago, Dysfunctional Numbers Foxy said:

I uhh-- If anybody wants a child from two specific dragons- Tell me before I breed Honeycob and Luuk-



Here are the lists-

Just look in my lair and you can ask me what the babies between two of them look like-

2020-04-29 (1).png


Thistleroar x Libra?

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