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Just now, Green the gene maker said:

just asking again, anyone got a good female mate for spiffy?


the top two are females, you can check if they'd give good babies

On 10/24/2019 at 3:23 PM, Skyspook8 said:

These three are all RTB, but I have no space, money, or good mates for them to breed, so if anyone wants, I'll send any one, two or three of them over,and you can breed them! The cost is that I get first choice of the clutch, or if there's only one egg, some treasure. (I may not like the dragonets, or none of them match my breeding goals, and if that's the case, then the breeding is free.) Please send back the dragon (along with the hatchling, if it applies) once the eggs hatch! Thank you :)








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3 minutes ago, Green the gene maker said:

i'm interested to see what will come out of this lol

There’s going to be three hatchlings. I’ll update you all when they’re born! I’ll let you snatch some if you want them but I’m mostly going to auction them off

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