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Oh, dear.

1. You agree to provide accurate information upon registration. This includes your own name, your own valid email address, and your own date of birth. This information must remain accurate, and must be updated if your circumstances change.

2. It is the user's responsibility to create a strong password and keep that password secure from the knowledge of others.

3. Members may not share accounts. This includes sharing account details with any other member.

4. You agree to register a maximum of one account per individual user.

5. Your privilege to use the Services is not transferable. Your account may not be given away or sold to another user or person.

6. The sale of In-Game Items from the Services for monetary currency ($USD), cryptocurrency, barter, or other "real-world" currency is prohibited. (Updated 5/25/2018)

7. Company may ban or suspend an account at any time, for any reason, without notification.

8. Discussion of, or relating to, specific incidents of account suspension or termination is not permitted on the Services, including forums. Any and all inquiries regarding an account action should be directed to Contact Us by any affected parties. This is to protect the account owner. Please keep in mind that the Company staff, to protect player privacy, will never disclose account-related issues with anyone but the owner of the affected account. (Updated 5/25/2018)

(source: https://flightrising.com/main.php?p=wiki&article=81)

So giving them the wrong name while having your actual name in your email adress can get you banned eventually. Or maybe just lending my laptop to my cousin, one of these. That's terrifyingly smart for such a short time, so don't do either of these.

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I've got some absolutely gorgeous Wildclaw babies! They're all for free so grab one!

Only female of the bunch:

Pink Crystal / Rose Butterfly / Maroon Circuit


As an adult:


Brother number one:

Raspberry Petals / Coral Butterfly / Ice Circuit


As an adult:


Brother number two:

Pearl Crystal / Pink Butterfly / Mulberry Circuit


As an adult:


Last boy (XYX):


As an adult:



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