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Patchnotes 0.8.2- Brawl Tournament Update


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Dear Drone Engineers,

We just released the Brawl Tournament update!
Enter the Brawl Arena and fight other players drones using close combat weapons like saw blades, spikes and drills.
We also added a couple new drone parts to the game.

To celebrate this update, Nimbatus is 20% off on Steam for the next two weeks! 
We are also running a Giveaway on Twitter


Patchnotes 0.8.2 

New Features

  • New Brawl Tournament
  • Added German localization 
  • Added different camera modes to the tournaments
  • Added sound effects to all travel events

New Drone Parts:

  • New mechanical part: Flipper
  • New melee weapon: Bumper


  • Changed the look of the Tournament UI
  • Reworked all the UI labels to be able to scale dynamically in size
  • Added torque and option to reverse rotation for saw blades
  • Balanced the damage of all melee weapons
  • Added timescale-slider for Autonomous Racing
  • Added Music for Asteroid fields
  • Updated melee weapon sound effects
  • Updated melee weapon particle effects


  • Fixed sorting issues with Drone and Container on Space Missions
  • Fixed rare case in which cryo container would not spawn on lava planets
  • Fixed bugs where the game still ran in the background after exiting


  • Upgraded our engine to Unity 2018.4.6f1


We are also preparing for the full release and working on the localization of Nimbatus. This update adds a first version of German translation. More languages will be added in the following months.

Stray Fawn Studio

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